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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fun bargains today!

Hello again,

I just received this postcard yesterday from Chris in NJ.  Isn't it beautiful!

     It's a little frightening watching stores go out of business around town.  I feel a little guilty going to their sales knowing when it's all gone the person behind the counter will no longer have a job. How are all of you dealing with this?  I know it isn't just happening here.  

     I bought a new computer chair that I just love.  It was needed as my old one no longer allowed me to adjust the height of the seat and I had replaced the fabric on the arms a couple of times. With my neck problems I have to keep my chair at a certain height or my neck complains, loudly! My son is over six foot and I am only 5' 7" so he changes it when he uses the computer.  He doesn't use it often because thankfully he does have his own computer now. Love my new chair and it is definitely better than I would have purchased if it hadn't been on sale.

     Today I went back to the close-out sale at World Market.  I will miss that store.  It had so many interesting things that I never saw elsewhere.  I spent more than I should have but it was a lot of fun.  I bought some metal canisters, they are supposed to hold tea.  I may use one of them for tea but I plan to use the others for holding sewing or craft items.  They have motifs embossed on them that signify longevity and happiness.  The longevity means a lot to me now as I have recently been diagnosed with a disease that will have me being checked for cancer every three to six months for the rest of my life.  So, longevity is good. 

     I also bought a cute little metal rack for about two dollars.  I think it might work for cones of thread or something along those lines.  I might paint it first. 

     I bought two square wooden wall hangings that were 40% off the lowest price.  The lowest price was $2.50 or something like that.  Any lower and they would have been paying me to take them.  The designs are carved out of the wood.  I plan to use them with fabric and shiva paintsticks for rubbings.  Won't that be fun!
Another  thing I bought was chiffon bed scarves.  I had been looking for a bargain on chiffon to use with my embellisher.  I got my bargain and more.  I bought two white scarves, thinking I can dye them.  One that is peach color and I could add other colors to it if I want a change.  I also bought one navy blue cotton very thin curtain.  I think it will work too.  Lot's of things to play with now.

     The first week in April I am joining a group who is having a sale and we need table cloths to cover the tables we put our sale items on.  I bought three table cloths because I only had one before.  What a great deal.
Also wanted to show a photo of the steel wool pads I talked about for rust dyeing.  I guess my photo is just the bag.  Hopefully that will help.  If not let me know and I will take a photo of the pad itself too.  I think I bought this at Home Depot which is a lumber supply store.  Have a creative day! Janet

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