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Monday, September 7, 2015

Fractured Penquins

I recently purchased the book Fabulous Fractures by Brenda Esslinger.  I love the koi pond she has fractured on the cover of the book.(if you click the link it will take you to a page with photos from the book, Wendi's Koi Pond is the last one on the list, click to see)  I wanted to try it so I looked through the fabric in my stash and found the penguin fabric.  Not sure what I had planned for it originally but I decided it would be a good fabric to fracture.  This fabric is by Robert Kaufman and is called The Last Frontier.  (I labeled it incorrectly in my last post, sorry)

You need four exact repeats of your fabric.  Here is my original piece.

Here it is halfway finished.

And the final fracture.  I think it could be a global warming statement, what do you think?

Brenda has one called Home for the Holidays that is cut at a forty five degree angle, instead of horizontal and vertical.  I want to try that next.  Might have to venture out to the fabric store for a suitable fabric.  (Darn!) I love the flowers she has fractured as well.

Have a creative day

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Vivian Helena said...

pretty amazing.. thought you did it in the computer!