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Thursday, July 30, 2009

flowers and basket

Almost have the center done! Had to share because it is exciting to be getting closer to completion.

I've started following a new blog. The person who writes this blog is an art therapist and I am enjoying reading her techniques for dealing with life's difficulties. She and I share food challenges. People who know me now would probably never guess that at one point I was bulimic and anorexic. I obviously still have not conquered my food issues but I do keep trying. I have often been told that journaling is a great way to deal with these issues but the thought of writing about it just seemed to boring and mundane to me. On her blog turning*turning she shares some of her journal pages which include lot's of sketches. A light bulb went off for me, I could do that! She also made a small art quilt that looks like Cold Stone Founder's favorite rather than eat the cold stone founder's favorite. I could do that too! Makes the process a little more enjoyable, and who doesn't need more joy in their life. So, watch for some therapeutic quilts in my future. I promise not to bore you with the details on why I made the quilt.

Have a creative day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Never enough time!

I started blogging as a way to motivate myself and to reassure myself that I do get things finished. Sometimes it feels like I am just standing still and everyone else is zipping by at lightning speed. This past month has been one of those times. It's not that I'm not doing anything, but what I'm doing is pretty mundane and doesn't really excite me let alone anyone who would want to read my blog.

I'm trying to minimize so that I have fewer times when I have to do those mundane chores. Paring down and getting rid of things and storing what I have more efficiently so it is easier to utilize. It all sounds good when I put it in writing but not as easy when it comes time to follow through. My scrapbook stuff is next on my list. I have many scrapbooks in my head right now and hope to one day make them real and not just virtual.

In between I have been working on my Pick a Peck of Posies Quilt top by Susan Perry. I am almost finished with month 8. I have the flowers for the basket finished I just need to trim it up to the correct size. It will be 36" x 52" when I cut off the excess. I think I will go on and make the basket and than trim them both at the same time. I think my folding cutting table will be just big enough for this project.

I also have two of the corner squares finished. I bought this quite a few years ago as a quilt of the month project. I mentioned in a previous post that I had completed the first square and it was at least a full inch smaller than it should have been. This is part of my paring down process. Finishing old projects if they still appeal to me, or giving them to someone else if they don't. This one became a challenge and I wanted to see if I could do it now that I know a little more about quilting. I'm enjoying the satisfaction when they turn out the way they are supposed to and finding I really like this. I admire anyone who can create a pattern like this AND explain it so that people like me can actually make it too.

My catalog is now ready to try some of Maggie Grey's techniques. It will be something new for me. I really admire her work. You can learn more about catalogue killing on her blog called Magstitch. I have a link to her blog on my sidebar, just look for the posts titled catalogue killing. I'm ready for disinfectant and a wire brush.

I've been trying to spread my yard work out since it is so hard on my knee but I do love the summer flowers. I try to add a new bit of whimsy to my garden each year. One thing I added this year is a book with a quote by Emerson.

And here is one of my favorite flowers. (The photo at the top of the blog was taking while geocaching with my family when they came to visit.)Have a creative day! janet

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still here!

Summer is flying by already and I haven't done most of the things on my to do list! Where does the time go. I've been trying to get my house organized and cleaned up. (I guess it's a late spring cleaning.) Seems like every step forward I make, I take three or four back. I am making progress here and there but it doesn't show much yet. I did finally hang my clock up again. We took it down when we painted the walls in my sewing space several months ago. My son gave me a gift card for JoAnn's Fabrics for mother's day and I bought the giant scissors and a couple of other things. Aren't they fun to have in my sewing space? I bought the photo holder at IKEA and thought it would work to display some postcards. The photo shows what is above my computer.

I've been studying Sharon Schambers video on leaders, enders and rice bags. I've looked at a number of methods for getting my quilts on the long arm and so far I think I will like hers. I made the straps and enders for the sides according to her method and I'm sure that will work better than what I had. Still need to make the leaders but they should go together quickly. She uses velcro. I know many people use zippers but I decided to try the velcro for now. It's good to know I have options if it doesn't work for me. This photo shows my enders. Kind of a jumble now but I'll take another photo when I have them attached to a quilt.

I need to make six leaf postcards. The idea is to make them on one large piece of fabric and cut them apart. I did leaf pounding for these. I still need to finish them up but this is what they look like so far.

I like the look of just the edge and the center and wish I had thought of that at the beginning. I might have to make some more and try just that.

I have a few other Works In Progress that I'm trying to finish as well in between cleaning my house. Such as this one called Pick a Peck of Posies by Susan Perry. There are quite a few more blocks involved before I finish. This is another block of the month I purchased many years ago thinking it would be easier than making and buying my own. Hah! I messed up the first block so much it's almost a full inch smaller than all of the rest and I have no idea how I did that. I stopped after that first block and there it sat. It's going together perfectly now so far. Not for a beginner though. You are given exactly the amount of fabric needed and if you don't cut carefully you can't get all of the pieces from what they give you. You really have to plan every step of the way.

I also finished one more row on my potato chip bag purse. I made this row all black. I worked on this at our "quilter's day at the lake." Only four more rows to go!

I'll leave you with another garden shot. I have to enjoy my flowers while they last. Well, back to my cleaning. Can't wait to finish so I can spend some time dyeing and painting and rusting fabric while the weather is good. Have a creative day. Janet