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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life is Grand Award

I am so thrilled that I was nominated for the Life is Grand Award by Susan of Sunrise Quilt Studios. The rules are: I need to list five reasons why my life is 'grand' and than pass this on to five more people. Do I have to limit this to five reasons? Where do I start?

1. My family. My husband after years of thinking this too shall pass has embraced my obsession with fiber and keeps adding to my arsenal of new 'toys' for creating fiber art. Rather than fight it, or resist it he's now thinking when he retires he'll have to learn to sew because we already have all the tools. Well almost all the tools, there is always.... Seriously, my husband and our two children are the light of my life and I love to watch them grow and learn and love and live.

2. My extended family. I love being part of a large family and knowing that I have relatives from coast to coast in the U.S. Love you all even though we can't be together very often.

3. My friends. I just met with four of my friends last night. My small quilt group (there are seven of us in total). We call ourselves the Rosie Quilter's because we meet in Roseville, Mn. We are all from different locations and that was the most central meeting spot for us. We use Rosie the Riveter as our logo because she was spunky just like we are. I love having people who understand my love of fiber and help me to learn and grow and laugh. This also includes the many new friends I am making world wide through the internet. It truly is amazing to live in this age where I can talk to someone 'across the pond' and feel such a kinship.

4. My love of learning. I do love to learn new things! I think my parents fostered this in me and I have them to thank for this wonderful gift that will last my lifetime. A couple of my favorite sayings are 'The more I learn, the more I learn how much more I need to learn.' (not sure who said this) and 'Don't go through life, grow through life' by Eric Butterworth.

5. One more... how do I decide. I'll chose my country, my community, my neighborhood as a final thankful item. Rather broad I know but I am proud of where I am in this world. Not that I feel it makes me superior to be from this place but I think we each, no matter where we are in this world, need to stand up and say 'I am proud to be who I am, where I am, right now, at this time.' There are many things in this country that are broken now. I see stores closing left and right. People losing jobs and homes and lives that they have known. But I also see people doing what is right, giving what they can to help others in trouble, cutting back on their own hours so someone else can keep their job. If everyone were to stop and look around their own neighborhood, community, country and see what small thing we could do, to take pride in our lives, wouldn't this be a better world for all of us.

Thank you Susan for giving me this chance to re-think the many blessings in my life! Have a great day everyone. Janet

And the new nominees are:
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3. Angela from Angela's Quilts
4. Debra from Svedberg Art
5. Caron from And Still Counting

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