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Monday, March 23, 2015

Another new adventure!

Lately I have been working hard trying to keep making the flying geese units for the border of Flowers for my Wedding ring. I am enjoying making this quilt but 26 of the same unit can get a little tedious. Until I get past the midpoint there is every possibility this quilt will go back to my UFO pile until I am ready to work on it again. I have 16 finished now though so I think I am safe. 

I did give myself a new challenge today. Refreshes the soul to have a different experience!  I made a new chef coat for my son. He wanted it two colors.  Sorry, I only have a female dress form.

 All done except for the buttons (10 of them, all black) and buttonholes. I could have bought one easily but it just seemed like a fun thing to try. And it was!

Have a creative day

Friday, March 13, 2015

Perfectly precise piecing!

Paper Piecing makes me look good!  I love the precision of the piecing.  I started making the flying geese for Judy Niemeyer's quilt, Flowers for my wedding ring.  I only have one unit complete so far.  I have to admit one cup of coffee was not enough to get my head on straight this morning and I had to re-do the first seam three times.  I had a second cup of coffee and things like, what is the right side of the fabric became clear!  

I finished cutting all the curved pieces yesterday.

I also cut the big triangles.

I don't have all the triangles cut yet for the flying geese but I'm getting closer.  Exciting to almost have all the pieces cut.  I only need 25 more flying geese units.  Maybe I will finish them this month!

I have a pile of mending to finish this afternoon, so I'd better get busy.  
I also need to sew some embellishment on the dress I have been making for my daughter.  The longer she leaves it in my care, the more I add.  She was here for a few minutes the other day, so I got the approval to add this to the shoulder.  (I also bought a few swavorski crystals). Is it starting to look quilt like yet?  I haven't added the crystals yet, but just a few would look nice, don't you think?
We went to the ice caves last Sunday and it was amazing.  So glad I did this even though my feet made it difficult to walk for a few days after.  Definitely worth it! I'm seeing an ice cave quilt somewhere in my future.

Have a creative day

Friday, March 6, 2015

Still scattered, and loving every minute!

I do enjoy moving from one project to another.  I always work on multiple projects, it's so nice to have choices each and every day.  How blessed I am.
I cut 270 triangles for the flying geese border on the Judy Niemeyer quilt, Flowers for My Wedding Ring.  I have twice that many to cut from the background fabric.  Next up paper piecing the geese.

Today I worked on my Block of the Month for the Craftsy quilt taught by Jinny Beyer.  This one will have flowers added to it in May.  For now I had to be satisfied appliqueing the handle for the cherry basket.
Not my best piecing but I think I will leave it.  It is the correct size overall, and that is good.  The newest basket is on the far right.

I traced my next redwork pattern so I can work on that in my down time this month.  I'm trying to do the largest blocks first. This one is 8" x 10".  I don't think I posted the first one I did last month.  I'm hoping to have it finished by next Christmas.  It is called Christmas Twitterings. The link will open a new window with the entire quilt from e-patterns.

My son is working on becoming a chef.  He would like more chef coats as they have to be washed after each shift.  We were going to buy them but he has always had his own style and is thinking some custom coats might be fun.  I need to research where to get some sturdy fabric for this but I'm considering making him some coats.  Anyone know where to get fabric for a chef coat?  He just changed jobs and all his old coats have the logo from the place he used to work.  He is excited about cooking new foods and no more dishes!

My husband had a birthday this week.  He is now 40!  At least I was told, 60 is the new 40!  He prefers a birthday pie instead of cake.  His favorite is strawberry rhubarb but it's the wrong season so I went with Apple.
We are going to try and go to the ice caves on Apostle Island this weekend. The pictures are amazing.   It is really warming up here fast though so they may shut down.  You walk across part of Lake Superior to get to the caves.  First time I haven't wanted warmer weather in a long time.

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