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Thursday, June 27, 2013

paint choices


Several people have asked me recently about the fabric paint I used to make my whole cloth quilts.  For the last two quilts I made, Prickly Abode and Bald Cypress, I used a mix of DecoArt SoSoft, Tulip soft, and Golden paints.  I mix them with folk Art floating medium.  The biggest reason right now is convenience.  I also like Seta Color paint, but they no longer sell this at Michael's.  I have to drive across the Twin Cities or order it online.  Michael's is right here in my town.  I can buy all three of the other paints at Michael's.

I mix and match because I might like a color better in one than the other.  I am a beginner at this painting stuff, so I may experiment in the future with other choices and find one I like better than another, or I may just stay with what I have.  I am also still at the starving artist phase and don't want to invest more than I can afford.

I know a lot of people like Jacquard for painting on fabric.  My experience is the smell of the Jacquard paints are a problem for me.  I have to hold my breath when I occasionally wander down the detergent aisle in the store. I avoid stores with perfume counters like the plague.  Scents have always been a problem for me. Jacquard smells like rotting vegetation to me and gives me a headache.

I didn't share my tree project quilt after the quilting so here it is.

When Worlds Collide

I am starting a new series about endangered birds, butterflies,  and plants, in Minnesota.
Here is the beginning of one.
Piping Plover
I've been enjoying all the flowers in my yard this year.  The non-stop rain, (we have become more like Seattle lately), has been great for my gardens.
Have a creative day