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Monday, February 16, 2009

Handstitching part 3

 I think I have finished the stitching now!!  Hooray!  Just need to add the border or frame it.  I might take it to the frame shop tomorrow and see if they can help me see how it would look.
Have a good night.


LoieJ said...

This is wonderful. The texture comes through even on the 'net. And I love that place, being a Minnesotan.

Janet Hartje said...

It was one of our favorite vacation spots. I guess that's why I wanted to try to re-create it. Thanks for your comments.

Shirley said...

Oh Janet- it is lovely - put it in the draw! it deserves to be there -- I am so impressed with the way you have accomplished this challenge. I like the way you added the green on the cliff -- excellent work. Actually, it would look great if you did frame it in a frame with glass, but even without it and a fabric border it is a keeper. I am proud of you!! YOu do such good work. Shirley
from Learningfa

Janet Hartje said...

Thanks Shirley, I wouldn't have been able to do it without your teaching and coaching along the way. Janet

Jan said...

Janet this is great! I have been following all your progress. I am in awe.