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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sew on, and on, and on...

I have been very busy sewing this week.  I'm trying to finish the Craftsy quilt by the end of this month, for a gift.  The second set of blocks were the most challenging.  24 sets of little 1 inch grids!  
What a relief when they were complete and bonus they all measure to the correct size!
These ones seemed like a picnic after the tiny squares.
I decided I wanted to get an idea of what it was going to look like.  It doesn't really fit on my design 'wall' but you get the idea.  This is the first three months.
The next addition was a rail fence that was also pretty easy.  Whew!
Here is my design wall with the rail fence blocks added in.
I skipped a month and did the big blue blocks next.  So now I only have one set of blocks to go before I can start piecing it all together.  Maybe I will be finished by the end of the month.
I did sneak in time to finish 4 more blocks for my Dear Jane quilt.
Have a creative day

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vacation and Sew it begins!

Last week my husband and I took a little vacation time.  One of the items on my bucket list is to visit every state.  I have been to Missouri before but I'm not sure I have ever stayed in Missouri.  We spent the week in Branson. One of my favorite places was Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.  It was amazingly beautiful.  We road a tram through the Park and it was well worth the time.

I thought I would get a start on my Dear Jane Quilt while riding in the car for about 9 hours each way.  Discovered hand sewing in the car is not my strong suit.  I finished half of one block on the way.  When we came home I ripped out those awful hand stitches and fired up the sewing machine.  I finished the four blocks I had prepared for sewing in the car.  And Sew it begins...this will definitely be a long term project. If you aren't familiar with this quilt here is a link to my Pinterest page of Dear Jane's.  Each finished block is 4".
I made myself a notebook to keep them all in one place as I finish them. (I have a tendency to lose things)  It will be interesting to see how my skills improve as I progress.

None of them are perfect but they are at least the correct finished size, which will make piecing it all together much easier.
My thread for my quilt on the longarm finally arrived just before we left on our trip.  I plan to finish it tomorrow.  My missing fabric for the Craftsy Block of the Month 2014 also came while we were gone.  Bonus!  They sent extra fabric with my bit that was missing.  The missing piece is on top all the rest is a wonderful surprise.  Around forty pieces of beautiful batiks.  You can't beat customer service like that!

I cut out the strips for the next section of this quilt.  
This lesson is complementary colors.
Have a Creative Day

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lot's of color!

I started the Craftsy Block of the Month for 2014.  This is really good for me!  It is still 2014!  I may actually finish something in the same year I started it!  I'll have to throw a party or something.

I sorted and labeled all the fabrics because there are 35 different fabrics in this quilt.  I discovered I was missing one of the pieces that is only 1/6 of a yard.  I bought the fabric in May so I wasn't positive they would still have the same fabric available.  I sent an email to the Craftsy help people to see if they could suggest a substitute if they no longer have this fabric, I gave them the fabric name and number too.  Within an hour I had an email saying they knew exactly which fabric it was, they still had some and had already put it in the mail.  Terrific service!  I was amazed and very greatful. Thank you to Patty and the Craftsy help team.

It was one of these I was missing.  There are quite a few, so an easy mistake to make.

I made several different strata.  They are straighter than my poor photography shows.
Cut the strata apart and put them back together.  Sounds like a song, should I be doing the Hokey Pokey now.

Here is the beginning of the Craftsy Block of the Month 2014. This class is about color theory.  This first section was about an analogous color palette.  They chose blue and about one fourth of the color wheel which is right next to blue.  Blue to yellow green.  This is a free class.

Have a Creative Day

Monday, September 29, 2014

It's costume time!

I have a confession, I have always loved making costumes.  I coerced my daughter into needing a costume this year.  A week ago I sent her photos of a couple of costumes I thought would be fun to make.  I told her she really needed a costume this year, right!?!  We got together on Saturday for brunch and afterwards I took her to JoAnn Fabrics to pick a pattern and fabric.  I am super excited.  This is the pattern I plan to make. (The short steampunk type one in the middle.  We chose a flocked black denim for the jacket and hopefully she will be able to wear it for more than just a costume.  Here is the Simplicity pattern we chose.

While we there we found some really fun fabric to morph my dog into a stegosaurus.  My first homemade pattern.  How did I do?  He still needs the head piece but I made this today.  It's lined with a very soft fleece so he doesn't seem to mind wearing it.  Isn't Mocha a good model, and he looks ferocious right?

I have had a class on Craftsy in my wish list for quite awhile.  The class teaches how to alter a pattern for a plus size body.  I finally decided to take this class because I really miss making clothes for myself. So, expect to see more clothing in the future.  I bought myself a jacket pattern too.

I did get an email saying my thread shipped this week.  I know I could have taken it off the frame and worked on something else but I was afraid it would end up in my pile of unfinished quilts and never get done.  In the meantime I pieced a back for my Craftsy Block of the month.  This is my own design too.

Have a creative day

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

No quilting, just piecing

Still waiting for my thread!

In the mean time. . .

Finishing up more UFO's.  This is from a Craftsy class, the 2012 block of the month.  I was using a Kaffe Fassett fat quarter bundle for the fabric, along with a tone on tone white for the background color.  I had two blocks left when I was down to tiny scraps and had to order more fabric. Setting it to the side while I waited was how this quilt ended up in 'the pile' of unfinished quilts.  I plan to piece the back in more of a modern style using my leftover pieces.  This one I don't even need to plan how to quilt.  Craftsy also has a class taught by Leah Day on how to quilt a sampler and more specifically this quilt.  I really admire Leah Day and think I will learn a lot from this class.

Here is another unfinished project.

I started this one at a retreat with Minnesota Contemporary Quilters.  I set it aside while trying to decide whether to keep it as a lap quilt or add a little fabric to at least make it fit a twin bed.  I decided last week when I pulled it out of 'the pile,' to make it a little bigger.  I wasn't sure if I would still be able to find the same fabric but luckily I knew the name of the fabric line, Urban Couture by Basic Grey for Moda.  I put it in a search engine and found exactly what I needed.  I ordered on Thursday and had the fabric by Saturday!  Amazing service!  Thank you to Nana's House Quilt Shop in Nashville.

After I finish piecing these two, fronts and backs, I am excited to start my next project.  I washed and pressed all the fabric so, I am ready to go.  This is for the Craftsy 2014 block of the month on color theory.  Aren't these fabrics amazing.

Have a creative day