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Thursday, July 30, 2015


I finished one of the appliqué baskets for the Craftsy 2015 BOM taught by Jinny Beyer. 

 I didn't do it exactly as taught in the class.  I have been researching how to appliqué and discovered there are probably almost as many ways to accomplish this skill as there are quilters. 

 So what I did is a meld of techniques and it will probably change the more I practice. 

 I still have four more baskets for this quilt and then I will begin working on the appliqué for Flowers for my Wedding Ring.  

So, I'd better get back to stitching
Have a creative Day

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hot, hot, hot!

flowers in my garden

Spring/Summer are always a time for me to slow down with the fiber arts.  I love the beautiful cooler days of spring and early summer.  We are getting to the hot, hot, hot days now though so I will be spending more time inside.  Thank goodness for air conditioning! I have lymphedema, a milder case than some but I am definitely not alone.  Three to five million people are estimated to be affected by this disease and yet very little is known about it.  Kathy Bates has recently become the national spokesperson for lymphedema and is helping to bring awareness.  You can click her name to hear her tell why she became the spokesperson.

There is no cure but there are treatments that can help significantly.  It took 25 years for me to find a doctor who knew what was wrong and knew I could get help for this problem.   I am talking about it so others might realize there is treatment available and it does help. My left leg and foot are swollen from extra lymphatic fluid in the tissues.  This is not edema they are different problems.  Mine is considered primary (which means I was born with it) even though it didn't really become a problem until I was pregnant with my first child.  Some have the condition at birth. The sooner people receive treatment the better the outcome. Many people such as Kathy Bates develop lymphedema after surgery and/or cancer.  I am fortunate as I have decent insurance and it covers the cost of two compression stockings per year.  (They are over $500 each)  Many people don't have this coverage and can't afford the help they need.  Visit to learn how you can help.  Here is a little poster that explains more about this disease.

Anyway, heat makes my problems worse so I am inside more than out now.  The last few days I started to catch up on the Craftsy BOM taught by Jinny Beyer.  I have all the blocks through July completed now.  I need to start cutting out the flowers I will appliqué on five of the baskets.  Once I get that done I will almost be caught up.  I think this will be a beautiful quilt.
Craftsy BOM 2015

I have also been spending as much time as possible with my sweet dog.  He just passed his 14 year check-up.  Not doing quite as well as he used to but still living the sweet life.
Mocha Chip

My husband and I did a 5k on Saturday for the Suicide Prevention Collaborative in our county.  Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teenagers in Minnesota.  These people do wonderful work so it felt good to support their cause. I'm glad it started at 8 in the morning before it got too hot.
Suicide Prevention Collaborative
Together it gets better

Expect to see more posts from me about quilting etc., since I will be spending more time inside.
Have a creative day!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Loving Spring/Summer!

I am still here.  I have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather at this time of year.  Love to be outside in the spring!  Mowing the lawn, planting my garden, 
pulling weeds, going for hikes, 
bird watching, 
enjoying the flowers 
and a trip to the zoo 
all take me away from sewing.  I'm fine with that.  

I'm glad I took a photo of my peonies a couple of days ago because today they are getting washed away in the rain.
I'm very excited the poppy I planted last year came back again!

The last time I was working on my quilt I was very excited about almost finishing.  I only had the 10" borders left to add.  So I kept working late into the night trying to finish the piecing.  I really need a door on my sewing room so I can lock it at a certain time of night.  Seriously, when I work too late I always make a mistake.  Usually just something silly and corrected with a rip of some stitches.  This time it was a little trickier to fix.  Instead of cutting my miter at 45 degrees I cut one of them with the 60 degree measure.  
Now I could have easily patched in a piece to fill the gap, and I considered that option.  But, it seems to me I've put a lot of time and fabric into this quilt and didn't want to have a patch where there shouldn't be one.

I decided to order more fabric.  After a week I received an email notifying me they didn't have enough of this fabric left.  I was glad I had used so many fabrics in the quilt all along.  Using something different for part of border isn't even noticeable.  I think the fabric I ordered looks good. 
 It finally came last Friday but haven't had a chance to work on it until today.  Today is raining so a perfect day to sew.  All four mitered corners look perfect now, well except for needing a good pressing.
Off to work on my Jinny Beyer quilt and the red work quilt for the afternoon.  Hope you are enjoying your day.
Have a creative day

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Slow and steady, wins the race or at least it gets the quilt finished.  I am working slowly on this quilt but I really don't want to rush.  I get sloppy when I rush, I'll be the first to admit it, my seams get a little wonky.  I limited myself to four a day.  I am a half square over halfway now!  36 out of 71 finished.  

With my limit it gives me time to play with other quilts as well. 

 I am almost finished piecing all the hexagons for my One Block Wonder quilt.  

I even had a chance to make one cube.

I have more incentive to finish the wedding ring now so I can get the one block wonder up on my design wall and play with the arrangement and make some more cubes.

I didn't forget my Craftsy Block of the Month with Jinny Beyer.  I think I'm improving.

Have a creative day

Monday, April 13, 2015

Piecing, and planning!

Here is the final arrangement.  I decided to have the joins blend in with the rest of the rings.  I like all the rich color.
I was encouraged, when I pieced the first block, it laid flat!

Here are the first four blocks.  I decided if I do four each day I should be finished piecing by the end of the month.

I have eight finished now and am getting better with each one.  I should be a pro by the end of the month.

If you follow my blog you know I can't be tied to one quilt at a time, and usually have several going all at once.  Well, my distractible mind came across this gem of a quilt the other day.  I saw it on Facebook but Liz wrote a blogpost about her quilt and you can see it here.  I ordered several prints of a panel so I can try this.  She also told me there is a group on Facebook for people who make One Block Wonder quilts.  So I joined!?!  Wow, there are some beauties on that site.  Looking through all the photos reminded me I wanted to try and make one with blocks in the design, such as this.  Of course I have a UFO that will fill this need perfectly.  

I bought this fabric soon after I pieced my One Block Wonder

I cut it out and started looking at the design and decided maybe it wasn't the best fabric for this type of quilt.  (Small design) so I set it aside until I could decide what to do with it.  I pulled it out yesterday and started sewing the pieces together. (After I finished my four blocks for the wedding ring quilt, priorities in the chaos). 
This is about a fourth of the hexagon's.  These quilts go together very fast.  I needed something I could actually see completing before I turn 70.

Now to find some fabrics for the blocks, I want to add a little M. C. Escher in this quilt.  
Have a creative day