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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Practice, practice, practice

Working on another sampler quilt on my longarm.  I am getting lot's of stitch in the ditch practice as well as many and varied filler designs.  I'm working up to quilting two of my favorites. One is my Irish quilt.  I plan to have scalloped edges on this one.

The other is from StoryQuilts..  It is called Pick a Peck of Posies. Love this one and wanted to do a decent job quilting.  I plan to add more flowers and some birds and butterflies with the quilting.

I think the butterflies on this block turned out nice.

Here are a couple more.  I only have eight left and than the sashing.  Won't take too much longer.

Have a Creative Day

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

eBay and mortality

You may remember I inherited my mom's Singer featherweight sewing machine.  I joined a group on Facebook for people who have these machines and have learned a ton of information.  Mostly I've learned it can easily become an obsession and take over your life.  Not really but sort of...

The attachments you can get, if you can find them, look like so much fun!  I would love to have this attachment but it is very rare and therefore also quite expensive.  Doesn't it look like fun!

Also this one for darning socks

Or making ruffles, oh wait, I do have this, I haven't had a chance to try it yet but I will soon.

Anyway, all this lusting after parts had me perusing eBay.  After awhile it starts to dawn on me, most of the people selling sewing machine parts have no clue what they are selling.  They are either mislabeled, and/or mispriced.  The one that really got me thinking was the "rare Singer Kenmore parts for sale!"  Of course when you add rare the price is automatically higher but for a Frankenstein machine it was ridiculous.

This got me wondering how things end up being sold on eBay as a Frankenstein machine, when they were probably at one time owned by someone who loved them dearly.  Neither of my kids sew, horrifying right?  So, I suppose when I am gone my sewing machines and parts may end up on eBay.  And, unless I get my stuff together they could end up being sold as Singer Kenmore Bernina Innova parts!  So, since I was in the middle of cleaning my sewing space anyway, I have now started labeling parts and have designated boxes for each machine.  I don't want my babies sold as Frankenstein parts!

I stopped cleaning and sorting long enough to finish these bags for my sisters.  This is a Lazy Girl Design called Miranda Day Bag.  I love all the pockets inside.  The outside fabric is from my mom's clothes.  Two are from a denim dress and two from a bright blue pants outfit.  I embroidered a flower on each and quilted some flowers and a hummingbird.  I added a colorful lining because my mom liked color.  The two black bags are for my daughter and myself.  They are from a jacket that already had the colorful stitching, I did echo quilting around the stitching.

I just finished piecing a back for my sampler quilt today.  I liked the last back I pieced so had to try again.  Here is the sampler.

Here is the back.  The strips of color are the same fabric used as a lattice between the blocks on the front of the quilt.

Now to get it on the longarm.
I spent several days trying to get my old Kenmore going.  It has an invisible zipper foot which would help for making clothes.  Instead I have one ordered for my Bernina (it's on back order) because I killed my Kenmore. ��
Also spent several days trying to get my Bernina to talk to my laptop so I could download embroidery designs.  Managed to download one design and they quit talking.  Still working on that problem. 
Have a creative day

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cuddle Quilt Winner

Have you ever seen these boxes at the fabric store?  I was fortunate enough to win one at Minnesota Contemporary Quilter's!  How lucky am I?!?

I really have to thank the person who brought this prize.  Minnesota winters can get a little chilly so when I stop to watch tv I always wrap up in a blanket.  This is so soft and cuddly and warm!  I love it!

Half done.
Rows look fairly straight.
Still needs binding but isn't it a great size!
If you need me, I'll be cleaning up fuzz for the next few days.  So worth it!
Have a creative day

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Finished! Well almost...

Just wanted to show the photos of my finished quilt.  Well almost finished, still need to bind the edges and add a label but since I started this in 2012, I'm very excited to be done.

Right now I am rearranging my sewing room.  Trying to make it more user friendly.  I have a new serger and needed a space for it.  I saw a sewing room on YouTube which inspired me to make some changes.  I've been pinning ideas on Pinterest for a week and decided to jump right in and start the charge.  Right now it looks like a sewing explosion happened in my house but once it's finished I think it will all play together nicely.
I've designated these bins for projects in process.  Need to make labels. Some are long term projects, like my Dear Jane quilt.

This quilt is the result of two classes on Craftsy.  One is free, Craftsy Block of the Month 2012 taught by Amy Gibson.  The second I paid for, How to quilt a Sampler taught by Leah Day.  Both were excellent classes.  I have one more sampler quilt to finish so I'm planning to quilt it next while it is fresh in my mind.

Not the best lighting for these but I think you get the idea.
Have a creative day

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Next quilt and new clothes

Beginning to make clothes again.  I used to sew a lot of clothing.  I'm having fun working on something different now and than.  This is going to be a dress for my daughter.

I am also working on my next quilt on the longarm.  This is from another Craftsy class.  Well, really from two classes.  The quilt itself is the Craftsy Block of the month 2012.  They added a class taught by Leah Day on how to quilt a sampler and used this quilt for her class.  She actually teaches how to quilt on a traditional sewing machine.  Very good class, I am learning a lot as always, so much to learn and so little time.  I have half of the blocks finished now.  Here are a few of my favorites.

I took a serger class today, it was fun.  This will help finish those seams for my daughter's dress.
Have a creative day