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Friday, February 6, 2009

The lighthouse continues

I need to give my sewing machine a break, and myself too, I suppose.  So, I thought I would post the next stage of my lighthouse.  I've been working on the rocky foreground now.  I'm pleased with how this is turning out and excited to finish and see the completed quilt.  I am considering framing it though instead of finishing as a quilt.  I guess I'd better go make supper so I can give my sewing machine a chance to cool off for awhile.  Janet


Chris said...

Wow, Janet it is coming out great. What a difference the thread painting is making. I hope I do that well when I start to stitch mine.

Angela said...

Janet this is looking really good! I love the thread painting. I would frame it too - I tend to do that a lot with smaller big is it?

Jan said...

Hi Janet,
Have also followed your progress from our Yahoo group. I am so impressed! Seems like I've been so busy with other things the past couple weeks. Just not enough time in the day or week. Keep on creating!

Janet Hartje said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments! Chris yours looks complete even before thread painting so I'm sure it will go terrific! Angela, I believe it's about 17" by 10 ". Jan you've had other things going on in your life but your creative time will come again. Janet