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Monday, November 30, 2015

Texture Challenge

I just added a post to Art Quilts around the World for our texture Challenge.  You can view the full post here.  I'll post a few photos here as well.  I have been wanting to try Stumpwork.  I tried a couple of techniques for this quilt using some of the instructions from this book.

Here is the end result and a couple of photos from along the way.

Have a creative day

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Birthday gift

My daughter has been talking about getting a cat.  I thought I would help her out!  I have had this pattern for a number of years.  Just waiting for the right opportunity.

Here is the pattern.  It is for a small wall quilt but I made a pillow.  There are two sizes for the cat in the pattern.  I used the smaller pattern.

This is before it was all sewn on and I was trying to add the toenails.
A closer shot of the toenails.

Here is a head shot.  I couldn't find any cat shaped eyes at the local stores so I added a little stitching around these to give them a little more cat shape. And definition.

I tried to do some different stitching in each row of squares, hearts, clamshells, this one is supposed to look like farm fields.

I really like this fur I found.  I had a different one to start with, but this looked more cat like to me.

I think she liked it!
Have a creative day

Friday, November 13, 2015

Birthdays, vacations and secret projects, oh my!

I realized I haven't posted in awhile so thought I should add an update.  I did post a teaser on the Art Quilts Around the World blog.  Since I came up with the idea of  'texture' for our theme I thought I should add a little teaser of the texture on my quilt.  Be sure to check it out on November 30th when all the artists post their texture driven quilts.  Should be fun!

I had to wait for more fabric for my Jinny Beyer quilt so I began working on a quilt I started years ago.  I only made one block at the time.  I was trying to learn paper piecing and did a variety of different projects, so it served it's purpose for me at the time.  

My sister, Julie, was visiting and encouraged me to work on this one again.  

So, now I have two blocks out of thirty-six complete.  It is a fun quilt and great for using scraps.  Very time consuming for me though. 

At this rate I may have it finished by the time I am 90!  I am considering buying the pattern from electric quilt because it would be easier to print out the patterns.  It is Karen K. Stone's quilt Cinco de Mayo.  

My husband and I took a trip to Door County, Wisconsin to relax and enjoy the fall color.  It inspired me to make a fall quilt so I order this beautiful stack of fabric from Patchworks that Praise. This is a small quilt shop owned by Cathy Geier who makes amazing landscape quilts.  Cathy lives in Wisconsin so she had great fabrics for a Wisconsin quilt! I have lot's of photos from our trip to help me make a woodsy fall scene.

My son had a birthday at the end of October.  I saw the pattern for Hazel the Hedgehog when I was at AQS in Des Moines, Iowa(first time I have been to a quilt show other than the Minnesota Quilt Show).  I had to buy it since my son had Boom the Hedgehog for an actual pet.  I made him a pillow just for fun.

My daughter has a birthday soon so I can't show that one yet, but stop back next month.

I'm almost finished with my texture quilt, when it is done I can catch up on both of my BOM's because I have the fabric now.  After that is time to start quilting some of these quilt tops I have finished.  Maybe this winter I can catch up with my piecing.

Have a creative day