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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A reason for my scattered mind?

I finished my February blocks for Jinny Beyer's Block of the Month (taught on Craftsy).  Have to admit these are a challenge for me.  Both of my blocks are 9.5" this month! (The size they are supposed to be) Last month it was 9.25" x 9.5". I am waiting for all the blocks to decide whether to take it apart and re-piece or just re-make it.  I am a little afraid I will get to the last month and not have enough fabric.  I am very glad I bought her little tool for marking the quarter inch seam.

Jinny sales this on her site along with a great marking pencil.  It has black, pink and white pencils all in one.  I think these are the reason I was able to get my blocks the correct size this month.  I just feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to take a class taught by Jinny Beyer.
Ash basket
Basket of Fruit

The March block we will begin to learn appliqué.  One of the reasons I took this class on Craftsy was to improve my appliqué skills.  I love the look of hand appliqué, but I am not very good at doing it myself.  A few years ago I bought this pattern by Judy Niemeyer. 

 I felt it would be a challenge just to make the double wedding ring but add in the appliqued flowers and I was more than intimidated by this one.  I am hoping by the time I finish Jinny Beyer's quilt I will be more confident with appliqué, so I thought I should get Flowers for my Wedding Ring finished up to the point where I start the appliqué.

So far I only have the fabric for the rings.  I am using cherry, blueberry and plum Bali pops.  I love the rich colors.  

Deb York suggested a black background, which I hadn't even considered before but am now.  I was thinking shades of white.  Once I get the rings pieced I think I will lay them on a couple different background colors to see if that helps.  

Love the paper piecing so far. Judy Niemeyer has this down to an art.  I have half of all the rings finished.
Doesn't it look delicious!
Have a Creative Day

Sunday, February 8, 2015

New challenges

I finally received my new invisible zipper foot about a week ago.  So, I finished a couple of other projects and once again returned to making clothing.  Remember this pattern I bought some time ago to make a dress for my daughter?

Well it's almost done!  I put the zipper in yesterday.  Love, love, love the invisible zipper foot!  It really is invisible!  Well almost.

I decided to line this dress, even though the pattern only calls for facing.  Long ago and far away I used to make jackets for myself often.  I even took a class in how to make a suit, so I have done lining before but figured I needed a refresher.  I turned to YouTube.  It came through for me in the form of Angela Kane. She has some very detailed videos on YouTube for sewing clothing.  I managed to get my lining to be just a little bit inside the edge of the dress, couture score!

I knew I could make this dress the real test is whether or not it fits.  I'm not very accomplished at altering patterns yet.  I will see my daughter this week so keep your fingers crossed for me.  Just have the hem left.  

I made a simple back for the next quilt on my longarm.  It is my goal to finish it by the end of February.  I'd better get busy.  I'm enjoying making the backs for my quilts now too.

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