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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Show

This post is long overdue.  I was having problems with my ability to add photos.  Just didn't seem worth posting without any photos.  I finally figured out what was wrong.  I'm a little slow with all this stuff but eventually I figure it out.

Rosie Quilter's Show at Woodbury City Hall
The Rosie Quilter's have a new show.  The theme for this show was found by Kathy Tuominen.  She discovered a site for photos on the web called morgueFile.  It has some free photos and some at low cost "by creatives, for creatives."  In the free photos is a picture of some geisha's.  We used this photo for our inspiration and took that inspiration in whatever direction it lead us.  Here is our show, hanging at City Hall in my home town.  
Rosie Quilter's Show at Woodbury City Hall

We only had 5 participants this time so we added a few extra small art quilts that fit the theme.  The art quilts for this show were created by Judy Lewis, Melissa Nellis, Kathy Tuominen, Stephanie Forsyth and Janet Hartje.  The three in the photo below are all made by Stephanie Forsyth.
Stephanie Forsyth

I quilted my geisha with my longarm which I hadn't been using because I was having tension issues.  I'm afraid it is a little wavy right now because the amount of my quilting varies throughout the quilt.  When I get it back I may add more quilting to try to flatten it out a little.  I liked the tree not being as quilted as the background because that made the tree have more dimension and pop out of the quilt a little.  But, it also made the quilt not hang straight.  Anyone have any good solutions other than more quilting?
Janet Hartje geisha

Now I am working on old quilts, trying to finish up UFO's while practicing 'new to me' skills on my longarm.  I am working on a block of the month from JoAnn Fabrics that has to be at least 15 years old!?  Not really sure how long ago I bought this and pieced it.  I don't even really like it very much any more which makes it perfect for practicing new skills because it doesn't matter to me so much how it looks when it is complete.  This one has a real variety of blocks in it so will give me lot's of opportunity to try different skills.

Have a Creative Day

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quilting in the Limelight by Philippa Naylor

I'm feeling a little guilty this post has taken so long to be written.  What can I say!  Life happens when you least expect it.

Sometime in September I signed up for a chance to win one of three free books.  Honestly all three books looked so inspirational to me.  The Fiber Arts/Mixed Media group on Facebook was giving away 1 copy of each of these books:

Quilting in the Limelight by Philippa Naylor

Patchwork Sassaman Style by Jane Sassaman

Confetti Naturescapes by Noriko Endo

This was sponsored by Dragon Threads.  I get the Dragon Threads emails because I find all of the fiber artists in this group to be inspirational.  I have a number of their books already but did not have any of these.  I won Quilting in the Limelight by Philippa Naylor.  I am also a member of The Quilt Show and a friend reminded me that Philippa had done one of their shows.  I just went back and watched her show and am inspired to try her technique.  If only their were more quilting hours in the day!

Have a Creative Day

Monday, September 17, 2012

Practicing Paper Piecing & Exciting News

I'm published!
More often than not the quilts I make are partially inspired by a need to learn or practice a technique.  I have a very large precise paper piecing project on my long term list.  I want to make Judy Niemeyer's pattern called "Flowers for my Wedding Ring."  (I bought the pattern from Keepsake Quilting) I have the pattern and cut out the paper patterns, and started gathering materials.  Now I need a little practice with paper piecing.  Good timing for me, it looks like the next block of the month on Craftsy is paper piecing.  They also have a class called Quick Strip Paper Piecing by Peggy Martin.  Not sure if their techniques are similar but they both use strips of fabric and they both paper piece so I guess it can't hurt to try.

I started yesterday and made the first project.
Here are some photos.
Pinwheel Polka
Janet Hartje Pinwheel Polka from Craftsy class

Two choices

Now for the exciting news.  The small group I belong to is now published in a McCalls magazine.  This was a special edition they created to showcase groups of quilters across the country.  The title of the magazine is America Quilts Together Autumn 2012. 

I'm published!

 My group "The Rosie Quilter's" is on page 61.  There is a group photo from our Christmas party, the original palm tree photo we used to make our challenge project, and a photo of some of our quilts hanging at City Hall.  So exciting to be included with all of the wonderful quilters in this magazine.  There are lot's of patterns in the magazine that will be fun to make in the future, so you may want to pick up a copy too. (McCall's gave me permission to post this on my blog)
Have a Creative Day

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September BOM for Craftsy

Finished my two blocks for September.  I'll have to take a picture of all the blocks I have so far.  There are 18 in total now.  I guess I need to start thinking about sashing and borders. 

September Blocks:

Chain Block
Janet Hartje Chain Block

Cleopatra's Puzzle Block
Janet Hartje Cleopatra's Puzzle Block

Have a Creative Day


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Craftsy Block of the Month(s)

I'm playing catch up this weekend.  I hadn't done any of the Craftsy Block of the Month patterns since May.  So, far I have finished June, July and August.  I guess I am caught up now because I have the whole month to finish September's blocks.  It went pretty well, a couple of goofy glitches but I think I caught my mistakes and repaired them.

June blocks:
Greek Cross Block Pattern

Janet Hartje Greek Cross Block Pattern

Octagon Block Pattern

Janet Hartje Octagon block pattern

July blocks:
Traditional Dresden Plate Block Pattern

Janet Hartje Traditional Dresden Plate Block Pattern

Modern  Dresden Wheel Block Pattern
(This is one of the blocks that I goofed.  We could either buy a special ruler to make the pieces or make our own pattern.  I chose to make my pattern because I wasn't sure if I would ever make this block again, so I didn't want to invest in the ruler.  My pattern must have been a tiny bit too big at the center points.  When I sewed the pieces together the outside edge layed nice and flat and the inner part was like a roller coaster.  I just took each seam in a tiny, tiny bit and it all layed flat for me.  Whew!)
Janet Hartje Modern Dresden Wheel Block Pattern

August blocks:
Ohio Star Block Pattern
(I made a goofy mistake on this one, I think I was sewing too late last night.  I didn't notice until I took a photo and looked at it on my computer.  It was easy to fix.  It reminded me of the Sesame Street song, "One of these things is not like the other..."  Can you see the mistake.)


Janet Hartje Ohio Star Block Pattern

Double Star Block Pattern
(I wasn't sure about the fabrics I chose for this one, but I really like how it looks.)

Janet Hartje Double Star Block Pattern

Have a creative day

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Show time!

I have been missing here most of the summer.  I am back and should be posting on a more or less regular schedule.  This has been a summer of healing through art.  My mom passed away at the beginning of June.  We had a wonderful celebration of her 94 years of a life well lived.  I know she is enjoying her reunion with my dad.

Lucky for me I had a show to get ready for in September.  I have been working on these pieces over the summer, as well as enjoying some time reading and relaxing.  Nature has always been a spiritual healer for me.  When I need time to reflect or rejuvenate I love to walk where there are lot's of flowers and trees and birds...

Sewing is also a way to capture that inner peace.  Combining nature with sewing has been my project for the summer.  I created a summer garden series from photos I took at a garden show in my city.  I made six pieces, for the show and also added the moss covered tree I created for the Minnesota Quilt Show.  I planned to make a couple more but had to stop free motion quilting for a couple of weeks when I developed bursitis in my shoulder.  Quilting is hazardous work!  A few sessions with a wonderful therapist and I am back to work.  

If you happen to be in Woodbury, Minnesota during the month of September, stop by Central Park Place.  My show will be hanging just above the little amphitheater.  These pieces were created using commercial fabrics, fabric paint and lot's of thread.

I promised an online show for those who live far away.  So, here it is...

Summer Garden Series
by Janet Hartje

Koi by Janet Hartje 
Backyard Waterfall by Janet Hartje

Reach for the Sun by Janet Hartje

Tiny flowers by Janet Hartje

Red Water Lily by Janet Hartje

Touch of Pink by Janet Hartje

Moss covered tree by Janet Hartje

Hope you enjoyed the show!  Now it's time to catch up on a few things.  I am three months behind in my Craftsy Block of the Month, oh, and maybe I should catch up on pulling weeds and cleaning my house and ....

Have a Creative Day
Janet Hartje

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer is slipping away...

I have been quiet this summer.  I've still been creating, but I have also been enjoying the summer days.  I'm trying to decide whether or not to keep blogging.  This is the fourth time I have written this post.  Not sure if it is my computer, the browser, or blogger but definitely not worth posting four times.  So, I may be hanging up my blogging hat, or switching to a new format.

backyard waterfall, photo by Janet Hartje
I'm working on a series based on some photos I took during a garden tour in my city.  These pieces will hang during the month of September at an indoor park.  Here is a quick sneak peak of some of the unfinished pieces.  They are all only 12" square as the space is fairly small.  This first one is from a photo of a small backyard waterfall.  Here is the actual photo and next is my start of a recreation, still need to add lot's of stitching to this one.

Backyard waterfall (unfinished)
Here are a few of the others before they had the painted highlights and stitching added.

beginnings of garden series
There are seven in total.  I'll have an online show for those of you who don't live in my city, in September.  Hope you are enjoying these summer days.

Have a creative day


Friday, June 15, 2012

Minnesota Quilt Show #3

Today I went to the show to see all the gorgeous quilts.  There is one more day, if you haven't been yet it is definitely worth the effort.  Three large rooms, full of quilts, vendors, and more inspiration than you need until the show next year.

Here is the third quilt I entered in the show.  This one is small, only 12" x 12".  This wall hanging was created for SAQA(Studio Art Quilts Associates) Minnesota. SAQA is an international group of quilt artists.
All of the quilts we submitted were  the 12" x12" size.  I was inspired by some photos I have taken of trees, especially their bark.  I love the textures of different types of trees and how different they are.  This is my version of a mossy tree.
Have a Creative Day

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Minnesota Quilt Show part 2

The second quilt I entered in the Minnesota Quilt show was a challenge quilt.  At last years show they sold packets of black and white material for this challenge.  Tucked in the middle of the fabric was a fabric marker.  My marker was pink, so I could use pink fabric, black fabric, white fabric and black and white fabric.  I also had to use the fabric marker somewhere on the quilt.  

I caught a quick look at all the challenge quilts yesterday and they are amazing.  A lot of entries for this challenge.  Here is what I was inspired to make.
Have a creative day

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Minnesota Quilt Show

It's that quilt show time of year in Minnesota.  This year I entered three quilts.  My husband and I helped hang the Minnesota Contemporary Quilters Exhibit this morning, so I will start with that quilt.  Our challenge this year was words of wisdom.  Somehow we needed to depict some wise words into our quilts.

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other" by Audrey Hepburn

I based my quilt on this saying.  My daughter took a photo of my husband and I holding hands.  With fabric, paint and thread I recreated the photo.
This quilt is a gift for my husband for our 31st Anniversary, which was today.  He is such a great guy he helped hang the quilt at the show this morning!
Have a Creative Day

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Inspiration for sewing

My mom's sewing machine

My first inspiration!
I was fortunate to grow up in a family that allowed me to explore my creative side.  I probably drove my mom crazy asking for this and that all the time, so I could make something.  She always managed to scrounge up what I needed, even though it couldn't have always been easy for her.  My mom was my first inspiration.  She sewed as often as a mother of eight kids could when I was young.  The outfit I am wearing in this photo was made by my mom.  It was one of my favorites, peddle pushers with a matching top with huge pockets.  I always had to have huge pockets.  She loved to crochet and made many wonderful afghans and Christmas stockings etc.                                     

My mom made my peddle pushers and top
 My second inspiration was my mom's sister.  She would always give us wonderful homemade gifts for Christmas or birthdays.  She like to knit and crochet and had a huge floor loom in her house that always fascinated me.  She encouraged me to create and sent me many patterns.
My second inspiration
 This is one of many things my mom helped me find all the materials to make.  A pop bottle, styrofoam, Dip N Drape, fake fur, acrylic paint, toothpicks.  One of the best things my mom taught me was don't be afraid to try something new.  I wish I had a photo of the clock I made for Christmas time one year.  It was only a cardboard box, felt, noodles, & spray paint but I was so proud of that clock.  Funny how those first creations really stick with you.
Dip 'N Drape doll
 My creative inspiration goes back at least one more generation.  I discovered my grandmother was a haberdasher.  I asked my mom what the story was behind all the crazy hats these women wore.  I know they were the style back than but it seemed like there were an excessive number of hats in the pictures.  Here are a few.
3rd level of inspiration

I learned how to sew on the same Singer my mom used.  It is now mine and I am hoping to have it restored to working condition in the near future.  I began making clothes in junior high and made my first quilt when I was in college.  I like to think I have improved a little since that time but those first creations will always have a special place in my heart.

Have a Creative Day
ps watch for a post soon about the Minnesota Quilt Show which begins on Wednesday evening this week.