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Friday, February 20, 2009

Rust dyeing

Good morning,
     Today I am planning to start 'rusting' some fabric.  I am in a yahoo group for people who like to rust dye and we are having a fat quarter exchange.  It takes several days for me to get the fabric I want as I live in a cold climate.  Some are fortunate they live in humid warm climates and can rust fabric throughout the day.  Beth Wheeler started this group.  She has a class about rust dyeing on the Quilter's Keep Learning website.  I've learned a lot from the wonderful people in this group.
     I first learned about rust dyeing when I took a journal class taught by Susan Stein at her store Colorful Quilts in St Paul.  Her store closed at the end of January but many of the teachers are now teaching at the Textile Center in St, Paul.  The class taught by Susan was based on her book Fabric Art Workshop.  Here are a couple of the rust dyed fabrics I made from that class.

I also discovered Lois Jarvis' website, I think after she was featured in Quilting Arts magazine.  She has wonderful things to buy on her website to help you with your rust dyeing.  She is also a member of the yahoo group.  Here are some fabrics I made with her techniques, or my adaptations of her techniques.

I have some cut out metal shapes that I ordered from Beth Wheeler that I plan to use today.  I'll try to take some photos as I go so I can show you how I do this.  Should be interesting!  Be sure to check back in a few days to see how they turn out. Janet

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Joan said...

I thought I'd heard of every technique, but this one is new to me. And I absolutely love the look of it. Thanks for sharing the links -- I'll check them out.