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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Car Wash Rage! Minnesota not so nice!

     If you live in a climate with salty air or a cold climate where they put salt and other chemicals on the road you know how important it is to keep your car clean.  If you don't at least attempt to wash the salt off your car it will rust away before your eyes.  I live in one of those cold climates.  We watch for the days when we can wash our cars without fear of having your doors freeze shut when you are done.  (Ask me how I know about that one!) It was just one of those days Monday night.  My husband went to run an errand and was gone long enough I was starting to worry about him.  I guess I had reason to worry.  He came home with quite a tale.  The car wash he goes to has two lanes leading up to the wash.  That way if someone decides they can't wait in line any longer they can leave.  The lines do get long on the nice evenings!  He had worked his way from number 6 in line to number 2 when from out of the blue a car sped up to the front trying to sneak in ahead of all the other cars.  The person in the car behind my husband got out of his car and came up to my husbands car, rapped on the window and said "Are you going to let her do that?"  Why my husband was appointed spokesperson I'm not sure but he got out of his car went up to the woman, tapped on her car window and politely told her where the line really began.  She got out of her car and started yelling and gesticulating pretty aggressively.
     At this point the people in the cars behind my husband got out of their cars and all came over to add their voices to the general hubbub.  They have cameras inside pointed at the car wash, and now I know why!  The service station attendant came out and told the woman she would have to wait.  My husband went back to his car and let them fight it out,  which apparently they continued to do for some time.  Suddenly there was another knock on his window and the woman was there wanting to talk to my husband again.  He rolled down his window and she proceeded to tell him how she was a much better person than he was because she was going to let him go first.  But, she wanted him to understand that he had no right to come and tell her she was out of line and didn't he understand "That's how road rage starts!"  He said he did understand now because he could see it first hand and asked her to go back to her car.  She became even angrier and made some obscene gesture.  He rolled up his window and eventually she did go back to her car.  I'm not sure I will let him go to the car wash alone any more.  Watch out for Car Wash Rage everyone,  Minnesota nice was not in service Monday night.  Take care out there!  Janet


Stephanie Forsyth said...

lol I'm glad your hubby is okay! I have to admit, I have NO IDEA who on earth came up with the "Minnesota Nice" theory, but they must not have lived here!

Debra Svedberg said...

"She ...gesticulating pretty aggressively."
whew, sounds painful to me! lol
Janet, you need to get a new bumpersticker:
"I have the best husband on the planet!"

If I could have kept my cool I'd like to have said "I'm sorry, do you have turrets? What's the name of your therapist? We could call them right now." And then calling to all the other frustrated-waiting-to-wash-their-cars-people I'd have yelled: "Don't you think we should help this lady get a hold of her doctor? She needs to speak her psychotherapist! Who's got a cell phone? what's the number lady? Do you need someone to drive you home after an episode?"

Janet Hartje said...

You two make me laugh! He was laughing the whole time he told the story, which made it easier for me to hear. (Do you think he knows that after 27 years of marriage?) Janet

Stephanie Forsyth said...

"after an episode" lol oh my gosh I love that Deb!