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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Embellished Songs

I've started my postcards for a group exchange. In Postmark'd Art I signed up for a group making postcards that fit a song title. I originally thought I would make them for "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." But, my son looked at it and said perfect timing "The Lion King" is coming out in 3D soon. I only did one so far and have six to go, seven if I want one for myself. Maybe by the time I finish all of them I will have made up my mind, or come up with another lion inspired song.

I started with a blank piece of felt. I added cream colored roving for the cheeks and chin.

Next I added black for the mouth, nose and eyes.

I mixed a few colors together for the face to give it a little more dimension and to try to define the nose. Finally I used yarn for the mane. It was fun, I'm going to have to pull my embellisher out more often.

Have a creative day

Friday, September 16, 2011

Artist Trading Card

I finished my ATC (Artist Trading Card) for the September exchange. Hopefully it will arrive on time, this one is traveling to the UK.  This exchange is through the stitchtalk online community.  I'm 'meeting' some very wonderful people on this site.  

I'm trying to extend summer by making a card which brings to mind flowers and water.  The fabric I used for the background has always made me think of Monet's garden.  It's a flowery color wash. 

I worked on this card at our small group meeting for Minnesota Quilter's earlier this week.  I asked the others to help me come up with a name for the card.  Nancy's first thought was that it brings to mind Monet's garden (Great minds think alike!).  So, I said "Monet's garden if he had worked with beads."  It seemed a little cumbersome for such a small card.  June came to the rescue, suggesting "Monet's beaded garden."  Much better!  I could fit that on the back of my card.

Monet's beaded garden
Artist trading cards are only 2.5" x3.5."  The front of the card is an example of your work and the back has your name, the title of the work and the date you completed it.  You just slip it in an envelope and send it in the mail.  Very fun to work on such a small scale.

The photo at the top of the page and the second photo  I took last summer at a local garden show.  They were a little of my inspiration for this card. 

Have a creative day