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Friday, February 6, 2009

Lighthouse thread painting


I'm working on my lighthouse today.  Just trying to go with it and not re-think every step of the process.  If you've ever been to Split Rock Lighthouse you know I am taking artistic license here. But, I think it isn't too bad.  I think people might even be able to tell from looking that it is a lighthouse. LOL I'm trying quite a bit of thread painting.  I like how it looks but Im not sure I will be able to get it to lay flat when I am done.  This is a learning process though and if it doesn't work that's OK.  I'll figure out what I could have done differently and try again.  That's a big step for me as I used to worry about getting everything 'right'.  I finally have come to the realization there is no 'right' just different ways to do the same thing.  Some work better for me than others.  I'll post more later as I work on the rest and let you know if it's going to work out or not.  Janet


Shirley said...

Janet - I love your challenge - you have done a very good job of capturing the scene. I like the fabric you chose for the cliff or hill in the foreground on the left. You are doing so well - and your work is great. Shirley

Shirley said...

I am pleased that you have learned that in Art there is no 'right' and that there are lots of ways that one can do different things. I would love to have a challenge where each of us does a quilt from the same black and white photo and then post them to see the different ways people see the same thing.

You are a very talented lady Janet, and I am glad to have you in the learningfa group.