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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Good Morning,
     I am challenged when it comes to technology.  I'm feeling pretty good that I figured out how to make a blog and add some of the extras to my blog.  I've been trying to add a slideshow of postcards this morning and it's pretty clear that I need some help.  I think the problem may be that I'm creating the slideshow in my iphoto program and trying to import from there.  I might need to set up a flicker account or something else that blogger recognizes more easily.  I'll keep working on that when I have a chance.  I've also realized I am not the best photographer, as many of the photos appear to be blurry.  I have trouble with small close up shots.  So, I will try to get my husband or daughter to take better photos as well.  There wouldn't be much point in putting up a blurry slideshow would there.  Oh well,  I can quilt!
     Yesterday my daughter was home for the day.  We all went out for breakfast, went to a movie, ordered in for dinner and generally just laughed and had fun.  Days like that are very special, wish there were more of them, but I feel fortunate that we can get together at all.
     Today I get to help take down the Minnesota Contemporary Quilters Architexture exhibit.  It has been traveling around the state since last June.  I'm not sure where it is going next but my Red Door quilt is not ready to come home yet.  It will be nice to see all of the quilts again. There are some amazing quilters in this group.
    I realized I forgot to post a photo of the prize I won on Chris' Quilting Universe.  I told her when I finish using it I will give it away to someone else.  It will be the gift that keeps on giving.  I'll add the photo when I get back this afternoon.  My photo card is refusing to speak to my computer right now and I don't have time to negotiate their differences.
Have a good day! Janet

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