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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Itchy, itchy, itchy

Art quilts around the world has another challenge posted.  The theme was Uniform!  My first thought was the uniform I wore in grade school.  I shuddered and moved on.  I had several ideas but something kept calling me back to that old itchy, school uniform.  Who knew it would some day inspire an art quilt.

Sometimes quilting can be like therapy and help you work through issues.  This is not a big issues but clearly not a pleasant memory.  I know many people love uniforms but for this 'child' they were not a good choice.  Here are my reason for being part of the no more school uniform movement (is that a thing?  It really should be a thing!)
1. Itchy, itchy, itchy. Honestly who can wear wool without being itchy.  Am I the only one?
2.  Surprise!  Not everyone looks good in the same design.  (Check out bridesmaids dresses if you are wondering)
3.  Did I mention they were itchy.  How does that help a child concentrate?
4.  Many people believe uniforms create equal ground for the kids, they can no longer be teased or bullied about their clothes.  My take on this is it actually highlights more personal differences between the kids.  Until parents and other adults step in to stop the teasing/bullying it's going to keep happening.  It is not just a rite of passage,  kids need good role models to know it isn't ok to put someone else down.  When they don't have the clothes to make fun of they chose more personal attacks on looks, size, speech etc.  it hurts and it is not ok.
5.  They were very itchy, did I mention they were itchy.

If you want to see more on how it was made head over to Art Quilts Around the World. There are many wonderful interpretations of Uniform.

Thank you Jane my sister-in-law for sending me inspiring photos of our church.  She inspired me so much I plan to make a quilt of the whole church at some point.  I love making brick.

I used the stained glass window from the church and printed it on metal.  I framed it with fabric brick. I added a border of a fabric reminiscent of my school uniform.
Have a creative day