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Saturday, September 11, 2010


I've been trying to learn a little more about adding beads to my quilts. I have a book by Nancy Eha called Bead Creative Art Quilts (if you go to this link you can enlarge a photo of the beaded coil from the book, it is stunning). Beaded coils add dimension and texture to a quilt so that is one of the techniques I have been trying. They're kind of fun, it's relaxing to sit and work on this project.
Nancy's book has so many wonderful photos, when my eyes need a rest from beading I page through her book again trying to decide what to try next.
I'm not sure what I did to make the color so different in these two photos. They are both the same quilt. It's really about half way between the two. I did take the photos in the evening so the light wasn't the best. Maybe I used the flash on one and not the other.
Have a Creative day

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Play Ball!

I'm having fun with my daughters' softball t-shirts. She wanted them made into a quilt. I did sew them together several years ago but didn't do the quilting....this is a long time coming, but it's finally getting finished.

It's fun to see the backs of the squares.

Still a lot to do but it should be finished soon. Hooray for my longarm. She wants the name of the team on each square. Her first t-shirt from kindergarten was a little smaller than the others so I had to add a little extra fabric to make it the same size as the other squares. They were called the strawberry shortcakes.
My meandering is not to great but hopefully will get better and better. I didn't want to spend a huge amount of time on this so I made it pretty big and found that was more difficult for me to do. Also discovered I work best left to right, and back to front. Moving the machine right to left and front to back results in crazy lines. But, I can already see some improvement there so eventually it should all come together.
Have a creative day