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Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Decisions! What would you do?

Today I am trying to create the shadows on the hillside.  After I figure the best way to do that I will add more green.  I'm laying some tulle on top in different shades to see what effect it has.  The first I tried was black and I'm thinking it is a little too harsh.  too much contrast against the hillside.  Next I tried browns.  I have two shades.  The pieces may be too big for what I'm trying to do.  Although if I add more green they may look just right. What do you think?  I'm also trying to decide how to add more green.  Should I couch some  thicker threads or do some handstitching or try to add more fabric?  What would you do? I put the original black and white photo in for you too so you can see why I'm trying to add the shady spots to the hillside.  Working on choosing a border too.  Their are many choices when designing a quilt.  They all give you an opportunity to add your personal touch to everything you make. Have a good day. Janet


Anonymous said...

I think you are doing a great job. Finding just the right color of tulle could be fun but then to make a choice, oh my. Black would be too harsh, have you tried a medium gray?

Shirley said...

Have you thought of using some paint to put the shadows in? I use craft acrylics with textile medium and different amounts of water. stronger at the darkest part and spreading out using water to reduce the color. I think dark brown for the deepest shadows and medium brown - give it some thought anyway. I often use the paints for my shadows. I think your challenge is looking really good, Janet. good job.

Janet Hartje said...

I did think about paint. I think if I had painted first and than did the thread work I could do that. I this point I'm not that confident in my painting abilities and afraid I will ruin everything else. Next time around I will start with paint so I can build my confidence with that medium. thanks for your kind words. Janet

Janet Hartje said...

Thanks Marsha, I am having fun, No I haven't tried a medium gray. I'll try that though. Good idea. Janet

Tennye said...

I just wanted to tell you I am loving this. You are doing a great job and it is one of my dreams to make a light house quilt.

Janet Hartje said...

Thank you for you kind words Tennye. I can't wait to see your lighthouse quilt. Do you have a lighthouse picked out that you want to make, or will you design your own? Janet

Susan Loftin said...

Janet - Whatever you try I'm certain it will turn out great. I've only done shadows with paint or fabric, but would love to try tulle on my next project. You are doing such a good job on this quilt!
I've nominated you for an award! Pop on over to my blog to get the details!