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Friday, January 27, 2012

Piping, piping and more piping

Still working on my black and white quilt.  I'm excited about how it is turning out.  I'm learning to do some things I haven't done before and practicing techniques I haven't done often.  Piping is something I have done before but only a small amount.  By the time I finish this quilt, I think I will be an expert.  I did finish all the piping today.  Here is a sneak peek.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Black and White and Read all over

I am working on my challenge for Minnesota Quilters.  It's a fun challenge.  I bought a bag at the show last June containing some black and white fabric and hidden inside was one marker.  I have to use the two black and white fabrics I was given but also pink, which was the color of my marker.  I can use plain black and plain white and other black and white fabrics along with the pink.  I haven't used my two fabrics from the bag yet but here is the beginning of my wall hanging.  Now to figure out what to do with it....hmmm.... Seriously, I know what I want to do, just not sure if I can figure out how.

The paper work needs to be turned in at the end of April, and the quilt needs to be turned in at the start of June.  Yeah for me, getting something finished early is not how I normally roll.
Next I will work on my Words of Wisdom Quilt for Minnesota Contemporary Quilters.  This also needs to be turned in the first week in June for the show!  This is the new, organized me, at least with this part of my life.  I have a long way to go with house work, but that doesn't really count does it?
                                     " My laundry room
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Craftsy Block of the month, Traci Bautista continued...

Have you found the Craftsy site yet?  There is so much inspiration on this site from many creative people.  There are also a number of classes you can take from Knitting to Quilting and everything in between.  This month they started a block of the month class which lasts all year.  The class is free so even if you only learn how to do one or two blocks you come out ahead.  I think they are showing how to make two blocks each month.  Here are my blocks for January.  By the end of the year I'll have a new quilt!  The instructions are in video format as well as a print version.  The video is great and you can post any questions you have as well as talk to others taking the same class.  There is even a spot to write notes to yourself while you are watching the video.  I'm very impressed with the format and I have to admit I am a class junky on the internet.

Wonky Pound Sign
I posted about the journal pages I created from the class taught by Traci Bautista (you can preview the class through youtube link).  She is the free art class on the Strathmore Online Workshops site this month.  These instructions are also in video with a printable list of supplies.  You can ask questions and have your own page to post photos.  I really had fun creating doodles using her techniques and wanted to try it on fabric as well.  Here is the beginning of my layers of paint, markers, paintsticks etc. on fabric.  

I missed a photo of the second layer but I also have a few close ups of some of the doodles emerging from underneath.
(bottom left corner)

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Journal Doodles

I finished my visioning board.  It was kind of a fun exercise and definitely made me think a little more about where I want to go this next year.  Things like this are geared to be individual so I won't show you my board.  I would like to share the saying at the center of the board.  

"Though no one can go back and make a Brand-New Start, anyone can start from now and make a Brand-New Ending."  by writer Carl Bard

So here is to the start of a Brand-New Ending.  Should be a fun year.

I've been working on my journal for the year.  These two pages are for the month of January. I will have one small square for each day, just like a calendar (the squares will be glued on top).  This journal is to keep track of my creative pursuits.  Today was spent, painting the pages.  This is my interpretation of Tracy Bautista's work.  Here is her book Doodles Unleashed.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to try the same thing on fabric.  I'd like to get some india ink which is what Traci uses for her black lines.  It really seems to pop more than the marker I used.
The next project is a challenge for Minnesota Quilters.  I bought a bag of black and white fabric at the show last June.  In the middle of the fabric was a marker.  For the challenge I can use black and white and hot pink(the color of my marker).  Here is what they gave me.
Here are some things I've been collecting since the show.

Should be a little like a zentangle.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's a New Year! I'm taking New Classes!

Am I a little behind in posting this?  Maybe.  Maybe not. I have been busy lately but not with anything I can show at this point.  This year as in past years, I resolved not to make any resolutions for the New Year.  That doesn't mean I'm thinking I am perfect and don't need to make changes.  Far from it!  No, I have come to accept that I'm not perfect and I'm OK with that realization.

I do work on improving myself daily, I just don't try to make any huge, overnight, about face changes in my life. Change is a slow process for most of us.  If I try to make a big change I set myself up for failure.  So, I work on baby steps, every day of the year not just on New Year's day.

 I joined Linda Matthews Creative Explorer's Club.  This is a year long group.  She is giving us tools and we decide whether or not they will helpful for us on our journeys.  I'm really enjoying learning all that she has presented so far, can't wait to see what else she has in store for us.  

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