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Monday, April 26, 2010

Musical Inspiration

One of the postcard groups I belong to created a challenge to make a music inspired card. It's supposed to be a landscape since it is for the Val Hearder landscape yahoo group. I started out thinking I would make "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon and Garfunkel, but I was having trouble fitting everything I wanted in a small format. I started perusing youtube video songs. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley spoke to me. Here is my interpretation of the song, not exactly a landscape but I like how this one turned out. I made the birds whimsical because that seemed to fit the song better.

So, I have a question, I've already sent the cards, but is this considered a copy right infringement? I hope not. I didn't start thinking about it until the cards were sent. I didn't make any money here, just sent three cards to friends. On the written side of the card, I have the words to the song along with the title and Bob Marley listed as writer. I wanted them to understand why I had the birds on a doorstep, in case they had never heard the song.
Have a Creative Day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life, it happens!

I'm still here. I haven't been online or quilting lately at all. I'm really working hard trying to heal my shoulder. I think I hurt it when I was lifting weights. I've been in therapy and doing my exercises. I discovered that clicking the mouse button made my shoulder hurt. Don't know why that little movement is a problem in my shoulder but it is, so I gave up my computer for awhile. My posts will be short for now until I am feeling 100% again.

I'm behind on many things right now, one is my spring themed postcards. I made them once, had them sitting on the kitchen counter ready to mail, and spilled a glass of milk on them. Since they were made with fabric paper they didn't fare very well in their milk bath, Darn! Anyway I made them again and they are already in the mail.

I used the fabric paper I made using a napkin

I thought they might look like the blossoms on my crab apple tree. That is usually one of the first signs of spring for me.

Have a creative day

Friday, April 2, 2010

Seminole Sampler

Verona in our learningfiberarts group has been teaching us how to make a seminole sampler. I only have a photo of the first two rows so far. I bought some of the fabric when my family was on vacation in Arizona during winter break.

I'm hoping I have enough of the Kokopelli fabric to use for the borders. I like these colors. In my mind they look very southwestern.

Have a creative day.