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Saturday, May 19, 2012

May Craftsy Blocks of the Month

Craftsy BOM January-May
I finally took the time to make my May BOM for Craftsy.  I am still using my Kaffe Fassett fabrics and haven't had to break into the second set yet.  This month we made a modern log cabin block and a wonky log cabin block.  Not sure I did the second one completely right, I was distracted towards the beginning and didn't watch the entire video.  I like how it looks though so, it works for me.  
Modern Log Cabin Block

Wonky 5 sided log cabin block
Have a Creative Day 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

An Abundance of Art in the Mail

Les Alyscamps, Van Gogh by Debra
I am getting behind posting photos of the postcards I have received.  There is something almost magical about opening your mailbox, expecting nothing but junk mail and bills, and viewing a little work of art.  Totally brightens my day!

I have two more Van Gogh's, two steampunk, one music, and two split complementary landscapes!  Bring on the Ooohs! and the Aaahs!  because they are all amazing.  I feel so lucky to be able to exchange with such talented people.  These first cards are all from Postmark'd Art.

Les Alyscamps, Van Gogh by Debra

Willows at Sunset, Van Gogh by Sarah Ann

Steampunk Dragonfly by Dian
 I had to show you how this card arrived from New Zealand.  Very clever way to protect those little metallic pieces on the card.
Steampunk with protective cover

Steampunk beginning to remove cover

Steampunk by Evie

clear cover says "Protective cover Just unpick!"

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Leah
 The next two cards are from the Val Hearder Landscape group.  Gorgeous works!

Split Complementary by Susan

Split Complementary by Lisa

Have a Creative Day

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Through the trees
I received another Steampunk card.  I really like her interpretation of what Steampunk is all about.  "Bodacious Victorian Industrial"  It describes this card perfectly.  Kind of an updated crazy quilt.  Very fun!
Steampunk by Meg
I am making some landscape cards for an exchange in the Valorie Hearder Landscape group.  These cards need to be split complementary.  The three colors I chose are orange, blue/green and blue/violet. 
If you look at my color wheel the three orange pointers on the center wheel point to split complementary.  I added the green points just to emphasize because things don't always show well in a photo.
It was good for me to limit my colors, it made me think a little more outside the box.

 Normally I would have made my trees brown or black.  How boring is that!
I just realized today is May 1rst so I'd better print out my Craftsy block of the month for May.  Look for that before too long.
Have a creative Day