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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rust dyed fabric received!

Have to share the beautiful fabric I received in the mail yesterday.  My exchange partner is from New Zealand and I love the fabric she sent.  It is so fun to get gifts in the mail.  She sent a fat quarter since that was what we are exchanging but, didn't feel it was very good so she also sent me a beautiful scarf.  They are both gorgeous as far as I'm concerned. Janet


Shirley said...

Wow - that fabric is beautiful Janet. I would like to learn about rust dyeing and it would be a great workshop on our chat room. You are doing great work. Shirley

valeri said...

hi janet, i have been trying some rust dyeing too, not as great as yours, i will have to try harder! The steel pads, what are they?? Maybe i know it but with a different name in UK?

valeri calhau

valeri said...

great rust dyeing, janet. I have been trying but not as great as yours!
But what is the steel pads you mentioned. the ones without soap? maybe i know it with different name in UK?


Janet Hartje said...

I'll try to post a photo of the steel wool for you Valeri. Check back! Janet