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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hello everyone,
     I finally had a chance to work on Split Rock Lighthouse again.  I am adding some hand-stitching to fill in the greenery that I think needs to be on the hillside.  I only used one color so far, a green cotton perle.  I plan to add at least two more shades of green.  Probably won't use as much of the other two shades.  Sometimes it is hard to know until you start.  Hopefully I will get more done tomorrow.  It's supposed to be finished by Tuesday.  Not sure if I will make that but I'm having fun with this photo/quilt along the way.
     I was delayed by a doctor's appointment in the middle of the week.  I got up at 5:00 to drive to Rochester, MN.  I wasn't sure how long it would take to get there and find my place to park, and find where my appointment was.  I ended up just in time for my 9:00 appointment, at least by the time I filled out all the paper work.  The worst part of going to the doctor is often the book you need to write about yourself before your appointment begins.  The Mayo Clinic is a city unto itself and a very beautiful one at that.  The doctor's are great and I felt well cared for.  I get to go back in a month but next time I will know where I am going and approximately how long it takes.  Best of all I won't have to do all the paper work.  Hooray!

 My camera program and my computer are on speaking terms again so I am adding a photo of the gift I won from Chris as well as two photo's of the hand-stitching.  I also have one of my slideshows going now.  This one is the postcards I have received from people.  Enjoy the show Janet


Chris from NJ said...

Nice job, Janet. It looks like vines growing up the side of the rocks. Looks like you might make the deadline. I am not going to make the deadline since I have other projects with a deadline that I have to get done. There are so many people in the draw that the chances of winning are slim to begin with. I look forward to seeing yours finished.

Janet Hartje said...

Thanks Chris!