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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pinterest Photo Project

This is a project I have been wanting to try for quite awhile.  Here is the first tutorial I found about how to transfer a photo to a piece of wood.  I also found this YouTube tutorial with even more instruction.  If you google transfer a photo to wood, you will find as many tutorials as you want.

I saw this Basswood Canvas made by Walnut Hollow at JoAnn Fabric's last week, and it happened to be on sale.  So, I quickly bought one to give this project a try.  I like this better than a solid piece of wood, just because it is lighter weight and so easier to hang (at least for me).

I chose this photo of my mom and dad from their wedding day.  I've always loved this one, they look so happy.  My son says it's because that is before they had eight kids. (Haha)  I reversed the photo, so it would end up the same orientation when I put it on the wood.  Next, I copied it to a disc, because I can't find my flashdrive.  (I loaned it to my son for a class project.) When I transferred to the disc, I used a high quality setting.  I drove to Office Max and asked them to print it for me, because a laser print is what everyone says works best.  My printer is ink.  I had it printed on cardstock because I hadn't thought thru this part yet when she asked what to print it on, it worked well for me.

I painted the sides of my canvas black.  I thought this would look good with my black and white photo.  I used Golden Gel Medium because I already had some.  I put the medium on the board itself and some on the photo too.  Just put your gel covered photo on the gel covered board, photo side to the board of course.  Smooth it out, either with a credit card or a squeegee.  I let mine dry over night.

In the morning I wet the back of the paper with a damp paper towel.  Let the water really sink in for a few minutes and start rubbing with your fingertips.  Be careful if you have long nails so you don't rip through to the wood.  Although if you do it could be an opportunity for a distressed photo.

It took about five minutes to get the initial layer off.  I rewet the paper at this point.  Rub with a little more caution now so you don't actually rub off the photo itself. I noticed I didn't quite have my photo lined up with the edges of my canvas but this was an easy touch up with the paint.

I still need to either gesso the picture or add some protective coating, but I think it turned out pretty nice.

Back to my Phd's.
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