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Saturday, August 17, 2013


Do you Pinterest?  I do sporadically.  I have been browsing the site more lately and pinning things that I like.  I decided it was time to actually make something I pinned.  My first attempt is a leaf bowl.  Here is the site my pin lead me to,  Hello! Lucky Blog by Eunice and Sabrina.  They have great directions for this bowl.

I felt better when I went back to look at their photos again.  I thought mine was too lumpy and it might not turn out very well.  Turns out theirs looks lumpy too when it is wet.  Whew!

My husband and I had a ton of errands to do today.  I managed to squeeze a trip to JoAnn Fabrics as our first stop.  I bought a leaf garland, just an inexpensive one because you rip all the leaves off the garland.  You also want the thinner leaves in order to get them to mold to your balloon.  While you are at JoAnn's you might want to pick up some Modge Podge and a paintbrush.  If you want you may even be able to buy balloons there, not sure, I got mine at Target


So, in between errands I tore all the leaves off the garland. It really is easy, they just peel off.

I blew up my balloon and placed it on this old bucket for stability.

I separated my leaves by size, thought that might be helpful.

Put modge podge on the balloon.

Began to add leaves and coated each with more modge podge, over lapping the leaves.

Now I will just let it dry overnight and see if I have a nice little autumn leaf bowl just like Eunice and Sabrina on Hello! Lucky Blog

Have a Creative Day

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