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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Little Buds and new books

One advantage to hurting my knee this week, I've had lot's of time for hand sewing.  I finished all the hand sewing on my little flowers.  Yesterday, I managed to sew long enough to piece it to this point.  It still has two tiny borders to go.  So, today I may tackle the thangles for the final border.  They use the smallest size of thangle which is 1/2 inch.

I may just spend the day reading instead with my knee up and resting.  It really hurt again last night after sitting at my sewing machine and walking back and forth to my ironing board.  I deliberately arranged my space so I would have to walk every time I need to iron.  Right now I am regretting that move.  I have a doctor's appointment for Monday, so we will see what happens.  I've already had cortisone shots, arthroscopy, and synvisc injections.  So, the next step is probably a new knee.  I'm pretty sure I will need to have my aneurysm patched up first though.

Anyway, I went shopping on Amazon lately with all my down time.  Here is what I bought.

"The Zentangle untangled workbook" by Kass Hall.  I thought this would be great for when I am laid up. I can draw to my hearts content.

I like to use photos as inspiration for my quilts.  I have taken classes online by both Steve and Carla Sonheim.  I liked their classes, they both work at helping you think outside the box and look at things from your own perspective.  Looking forward to getting out and about with my camera.  "Creative Photography 52 Fun Exercises for Developing Self-Expression with Your Camera" by Steve Sonheim with Carla Sonheim.

The third book was a little more personal.  The Ledges is a State Park in Iowa where my family spent a lot of time when I was young.  I discovered this book (it is fiction) based on The Ledges.  I love to read books about familiar places, or at least places I have been.  'Ledges' by Michael Frederick
I'm using my iPad to create this post, I haven't figured out how to make links with my iPad.  I would encourage you to look up Steve and Carla Sonheim, their classes are fun.

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