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Monday, March 30, 2009

First quilt retreat!

     I'm back from my first ever quilt retreat.  So fun to get away from everyday life with a group of people who have the same goal "What can I create today?"  It's amazing how much stuff needs to be gathered and taken to a retreat.  Sleeping bag, pillow and an extra blanket, shower supplies, clean clothes and most important all the sewing stuff.  Irons, ironing board,  a lamp, extension cords, cutting boards, scissors, thread, cloth, miscellaneous tools and inspiration, oh yea a sewing machine!  I opted not to take my sewing machine this time and just work on some hand sewing while I was there.  I took my traction machine for my neck instead.  
     I do like to just relax and do some hand sewing occasionally but it seems to get pushed to the back burner more often than not.  I have a couple of projects that I either bought on a trip or after a trip to remind me of the vacation.  One is from a trip to Napa, California, the other is from a trip to Ireland.  So it was good to work on these things and talk to the people around me and laugh.  Laughter is always good.
     We were at a lake for this retreat and I have never been to a lake while the ice was breaking up.  I couldn't believe how loud it was.  That was so fun to hear!  I love nature and don't think I will ever stop having a child's delight in the magically complex, simplicity of our environment.  I took some photos of the ice, the snail shells washed up on the beach, trees and leaves.  I am just starting in a group that will be creating bark and leaves on postcards so I took lot's of pictures of the trees.  I was just starting to get some leaf photos when my battery went dead in my camera.  I'll have to go to a park around here and get some photos of leaves to study.  
     I forgot one more thing we each brought to the retreat was a snack to share.  I have to show you this photo of cupcakes that Wanda made.  She has such a wonderful sense of humor and it even shows in her food!


maggi said...

Sounds like a great trip. The cupcakes are so funny, almost too good to eat.

Debra Svedberg said...

Now you're addicted to quilt retreats just like I am.
So fun!

Betweens said...

these are so cute the retreat sounds like fun