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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dyeing scarves!

Still getting ready for the spring fling sale.  Today I'm dyeing scarves.  I have quite a few. I figure if they don't sale I'll have gifts to give for awhile!  I'm using some soy wax batik, procion dyes, jacquard paints, and rust dye.  Might do some stamping too.  I'm just having fun playing with these different techniques.
My husbands eyes lit up when he saw the new electric skillet on the counter this morning.  Poor man thought I was going to cook!  I bought an inexpensive skillet to use for melting wax.  I do cook but I'm not always as creative any more, especially when I have a deadline.  And probably too often my cooking skills resort to a phone call for take out.  This is what the counter in our kitchen looked like by the time he left for work.  And here is my new skillet. I used the soy wax on five of my six cotton scarves.  Each one is a little different.  It will be fun to see how they turn out.  I plan to dye them and than overdye them.  Also planning to overdye the cotton scarf I already rust dyed.  I have 12 each of two sizes of silk scarves.  I took six of each and am dyeing those with procion dyes.  Than I plan to use the soy wax and dye them once more.  They will be well dyed at any rate.  Here are some photos of my waxed fabrics and my silk scarves in the dye. Have a creative day! Janet