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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Searching for ugly fat quarters!

Last week my husband and I started the transformation.  He painted the walls on Wednesday & Thursday.  Friday and Saturday we started moving furniture, upstairs, downstairs all around the house!  Good thing I've been lifting weights!  Actually, it's a good thing I have a seventeen year old son who can be bribed with use of the car! They cleared out the space and I have slowly been filling it back up again with all of my sewing, quilting, art paraphernalia.  I am so excited about my new space.  I will have twice as much room!  I am trying not to rush the move and really think about where everything will be placed.  Trying to create use zones.  I like to keep things together that will be used together.  I'm sure I will still be moving for awhile as I figure it all out but I can try!
I am in a swap right now for 2 ugly fat quarters.  So, as I sort my fabric today I will have to decide which ones qualify for that honor.  It will probably be the ones I haven't cut into yet.  I tend to use a small piece of this and a small piece of that when I quilt and seldom have a whole fat quarter laying around.  I guess if I do that means it is one I don't like as well, or isn't useful for me.  I have trouble calling any fabric ugly  because you can always add to it and transform it into something you like even more.  Hope my swap partner likes my ugly fat quarters.  Here is a photo of my shelves waiting for the fabric and my fabric waiting to be refolded, organized and placed on the shelves.  Can you see all my jars of buttons on the top shelf?  I love buttons. Somewhere in that pile of fabric are two ugly fat quarters that will go in the mail today or tomorrow.  Have a creative day! Janet


Carol said...

Good luck getting all of that organized. I'm looking forward to seeing the "finished" room. I'm contemplating re-organizing my little space before my oldest gets home from college .

Debra Svedberg said...

"I have trouble calling any fabric ugly because you can always add to it and transform it into something you like even more."

You are a true artist Janet.