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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Going in Circles

Yesterday I learned how to use the new tool for the Bernina that allows you to use your decorative stitches in a perfect circle.  I am making a runner for the table to use for celebration days.  I have a photo of my layout before any stitching.  All of the black squares will be circular when it's finished.  All that color, it makes you think of birthdays, and parties, and celebrations! My circle attachment didn't come in time for the class, but they let me use theirs.  I have been trying to use more of the stitches on my machine.  There are so many I probably never will use them all in my lifetime, especially when you start to combine more than one stitch.  It's fun to experiment and learn what else my machine is capable of doing.  Here is one set of four with a circle I completed yesterday.  I'll have to wait for my attachment to arrive before I can finish it.  It should be done by the time the next family birthday rolls around, which happens to be mine!
     I've decided after looking at my bunny hill design on my blog that the basket blends in with the background color.  I'm going to outline the basket in the darker teal color to help it stand out a little more.  I chose those colors because they seemed like the cool wintery blues and I thought I had a background that worked, but not so much.  Oh well it's all a learning experience.  I just got the pattern for the third month this morning, so I'd better get busy and catch up.
     I'm working on drawing up my pattern for the Minnesota Contemporary Quilters challenge today.  I think I finally have an idea that will work.  Humor in a quilt just seems to escape me!  The next three days I plan to dye scarves, and make other things that I will be able to sale the first week in April.  We have a meeting Monday night and I need to be able to show them some of what I have ready for that.  Have a creative day everyone!

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Debra Svedberg said...

That sewing machine attachment sounds pretty cool to me!