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Sunday, March 8, 2009

IKEA Challenge

Late last August I was one of fifty people who received a packet of fabric from the IKEA store in the Twin Cities.  The Project Patchwork Challenge was in conjunction with the Textile Center in St Paul.  The quilts would eventually be sold to benefit the youth program at the Textile Center.  Part of our incentive was the possibility of having your quilt displayed on a poster in the light rail train stations in the Twin Cities.  (Free advertising)   Mine is one of the quilts on the poster.  I was very surprised mine was chosen.  (The poster is at the top of the page, mine is the top right side) Part of the guidelines were we could only use IKEA fabric on the front of the quilt, and it still needed to be recognizable as IKEA fabric when it was complete.  So, no overdyeing to change the color etc.  You could go and buy more IKEA fabric from the store if you weren't inspired by what was in your packet of four, 1 yard fabrics.  I decided to stick with the fabric I was given because I know I often try to second guess myself and most of the time that doesn't work out.  So the challenge was on.  If we finished our quilts by a certain date we would receive a $50 gift certificate to spend at IKEA.  I set that goal for myself.  Since I am fairly new to contemporary quilting, I thought that would be a wonderful prize for me.  I had no idea how difficult my Fall would become when I signed up for this.  Lot's of family emergencies floated to the surface last Fall and that's enough said there. The first week in November I still had no clear plan for my quilt.  I was starting to panic, just a little, because the gift certificate deadline was fast approaching.  But, a wonderful thing happened.  I have been an election judge for a little over ten years now.  The election this past fall was very inspiring.  It was wonderful to see the power of making a mark on paper bring so many people together.  Even if we were there to vote for different people, we were all there for one common goal, to mend our torn nation.  So, the inspiration for my quilt "Fiber of a Voter" came to life.  I used many different techniques when creating my quilt to help illustrate the diversity of the voters who all came together on that day to do their part to elect officials who would stitch together our torn nation.  Some of the techniques I used were shiva paint stick rubbings, handmade beads, needle punch, lot's of quilting, and hand embroidery.  There is also judging involved with this challenge.  One person will be given a $1,000 IKEA makeover, first place is a $500 gift certificate for IKEA,  the juror's award is a $100 gift certificate and the people's choice award will be a $50 gift certificate.  The sale will take place on March 21 at the IKEA store in Bloomington, MN.  Right across the street from the Mall of America.  The party begins at 6:00 p.m. with food and entertainment and the sale of the quilts.  So, if you are in the twin cities area be sure to stop and see and purchase one of 50 unique quilts.  Have a creative day. Janet 


Debra Svedberg said...

You got on the POSTER!
I'm so happy for you!
Is the poster already hanging at the lightrail station?

Chris from NJ said...

That's wonderful, Janet. I wish I could see your piece in person.

Shirley said...

WOW! JANET!!! Maybe you will win one of the big prizes. I think your work is outstanding and you are so willing to try new things and learn new techniques. I am so glad you are a part of Learningfa. Good job! Keep us up to date. Shirley

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, I love your ideas, but this is beautiful...congratulations on a job well done.

Chr Rathman

Merrie Jo said...

Congratulations Janet. Your piece is wonderful. Good luck in the judging -- I think you have a very good chance of winning.
Merrie Jo
Port Angeles, WA

Gudrun said...

Good on you Janet! I hope you go on to get a prize.
Will you have a larger image of your quilt for us to view?

Janet Hartje said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments everyone. I didn't get a finished photo of my quilt before I turned it in. The best I have is the link at the bottom of my post. It is part of the slideshow. I think they will have more photos posted on the IKEA site or the Textile Center at some point. Twenty of the quilts were made into postcards for invitations to the event, mine included. Janet Hartje

maggi said...

A wonderful quilt and all the more so that you were able to produce it after such a difficult personal time. Well done for getting on the poster.

Susan Loftin said...

Congratulations! That is quite an honor and truely deserved.
I've nominated you for the "Kreativ Blogger Award". Stop by my blog to get the details.

Melissa said...

Oh, Janet, great job! I love your concept and can't wait to see it at the IKEA store.