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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Design space

     I finally sewed my one block wonder.  I've had this hanging on my design wall for longer than I care to admit.  My design wall is a large vinyl tablecloth with a flannel back.  My husband put a strip of wood along the top edge of the wall.  I glued velcro strips to the board and sewed velcro strips to the table cloth.  The flannel side is out so I can stick my fabric to it and move it around while I am designing a quilt.  I have a little step stool to reach it because I have shelves underneath and hanging it higher on the wall keeps the cats from trying to climb up it.  Right now it has my mystery quilt on it.  One more step to the mystery and than I will take a photo so you can see my mystery quilt and my design wall.  I also have a smaller portable design board which I use most of the time.  I't about 3' by 4' and covered with white flannel.  I can move it where ever I am working.  Right now I have all of my postcards on it for inspiration.    Speaking of postcards I received one more yesterday from Peggy in the Valerie Hearder yahoo group.  We make landscapes in that group.  Isn't this gorgeous.  Have a creative day! Janet

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Melissa said...

I hope we can see your wonderful postcards "in person" when we meet on Sunday afternoon.