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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lot's of color!

I started the Craftsy Block of the Month for 2014.  This is really good for me!  It is still 2014!  I may actually finish something in the same year I started it!  I'll have to throw a party or something.

I sorted and labeled all the fabrics because there are 35 different fabrics in this quilt.  I discovered I was missing one of the pieces that is only 1/6 of a yard.  I bought the fabric in May so I wasn't positive they would still have the same fabric available.  I sent an email to the Craftsy help people to see if they could suggest a substitute if they no longer have this fabric, I gave them the fabric name and number too.  Within an hour I had an email saying they knew exactly which fabric it was, they still had some and had already put it in the mail.  Terrific service!  I was amazed and very greatful. Thank you to Patty and the Craftsy help team.

It was one of these I was missing.  There are quite a few, so an easy mistake to make.

I made several different strata.  They are straighter than my poor photography shows.
Cut the strata apart and put them back together.  Sounds like a song, should I be doing the Hokey Pokey now.

Here is the beginning of the Craftsy Block of the Month 2014. This class is about color theory.  This first section was about an analogous color palette.  They chose blue and about one fourth of the color wheel which is right next to blue.  Blue to yellow green.  This is a free class.

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