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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vacation and Sew it begins!

Last week my husband and I took a little vacation time.  One of the items on my bucket list is to visit every state.  I have been to Missouri before but I'm not sure I have ever stayed in Missouri.  We spent the week in Branson. One of my favorite places was Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.  It was amazingly beautiful.  We road a tram through the Park and it was well worth the time.

I thought I would get a start on my Dear Jane Quilt while riding in the car for about 9 hours each way.  Discovered hand sewing in the car is not my strong suit.  I finished half of one block on the way.  When we came home I ripped out those awful hand stitches and fired up the sewing machine.  I finished the four blocks I had prepared for sewing in the car.  And Sew it begins...this will definitely be a long term project. If you aren't familiar with this quilt here is a link to my Pinterest page of Dear Jane's.  Each finished block is 4".
I made myself a notebook to keep them all in one place as I finish them. (I have a tendency to lose things)  It will be interesting to see how my skills improve as I progress.

None of them are perfect but they are at least the correct finished size, which will make piecing it all together much easier.
My thread for my quilt on the longarm finally arrived just before we left on our trip.  I plan to finish it tomorrow.  My missing fabric for the Craftsy Block of the Month 2014 also came while we were gone.  Bonus!  They sent extra fabric with my bit that was missing.  The missing piece is on top all the rest is a wonderful surprise.  Around forty pieces of beautiful batiks.  You can't beat customer service like that!

I cut out the strips for the next section of this quilt.  
This lesson is complementary colors.
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