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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One Block Wonder, so close!

I'm almost finished with my One Block Wonder, I was just ready to round the final corner when 'it' happened!  That moment we all dread, shudder.  I ran out of thread.  I knew it was going to be close and I started calling fabric shops a few days ago to see if they had this color.  No, no, no, no no!  I did finally find some online and placed the order last night.  Not sure how long it will take to get here.  I changed how I was doing the border which increased the amount of thread I needed.  Lesson learned?  Maybe.  I like to make mistakes several times to be sure I really learn what not to do.  Haha!

I decided I could give a little history of this quilt.  It all began with this fabric.

I signed up for a class at Bear Patch Quilting, it wasn't a lot of help for me as I forgot to go to the first class.  They tried to help me catch up in the second class but really it was better for me to read the book by Maxine Rosenthal called "One-Block Wonders". Here are my hexagons after much rearranging.

It hung on my design wall for quite awhile because I couldn't decide how to finish it.  I really liked one of the example quilts in the book, it just kept catching my eye.  I discovered in her next book "One-Block Wonders encore!", Maxine told exactly how to finish a OBW just like the example I admired in her first book.  And here it is

Now I had to figure out how to quilt it.  Who knew there were so many choices when making a quilt. Once again my poor little quilt sat, and sat in the stack of unfinished quilts.

I am trying to learn new techniques with each quilt. (new to me, not necessarily you).  I decided to go with stencils and chalk for this quilt.  I marked the entire border before putting it on the frame.  I used my bohin chalk pencil and it worked out great. Here is the stencil I used in the border.

I used this stencil for the flowers in the center.

And my circle rulers from Kim Brunner were very helpful with this quilt.

In the meantime, while waiting for my thread, I am finishing piecing my sampler quilt.  I plan to mark at least some of these blocks before I put it on the frame.  Lot's of new things to try on this quilt.  It still needs a border but otherwise I am finished piecing.

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