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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Adding a Video

A friend of mine is wanting to add a video to her blog.  I thought I would walk myself through the process in order to help her out.  She is more creative than I am, as she wants to add her home video.  I am planning to link to YouTube.  I think the process should be the same.

The mystery quilt I added a few posts back had a section that was quilted using a design from Lyn Durbin.  The video is called "Quilting a Feathered Triangle w/ Curved Cross-Hatching."  I had planned to connect to the video when I blogged about the quilt but couldn't find the video again when I went back to YouTube.  I found it and now I am adding it to my blog so I don't lose it again.

The video upload button is right next to the photo upload button on your create new post page.  When you click this button a new pop up box appears, just like it does for photos.  The first choice is Upload.  This is probably the one you will use to add your own video.  (I say probably because you may have your video on your phone.)  You will need to know where you have your video stored on your computer.

The next two choices are for YouTube.  The first is 'From YouTube.'  The second is 'My YouTube Videos.'  I will be using from YouTube today.

The other two choices are from your phone and from webcam.  Blogger really does try to help those of us who like this process simplified.

When I clicked from YouTube a search box appeared and I entered the name of the video.  Once again I was unable to find the video this way but luckily I had the address for the video written down and I entered the address and clicked search.  My video appeared like magic!  Make sure it is highlighted by clicking on it and chose the Select button at the bottom of the pop-up screen.  Perfect! You now have a video inserted in your blog.  To find the address of a video click the Share button underneath the video on YouTube.  A whole series of logo buttons for different places on the web appear and under those is a window with the address already highlighted for your convenience.  Left click the address and chose copy from the pop-up window.  Paste this into the search window or type it in if you have it written down.

Have a Creative Day

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