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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adding my flavor to a traditional quilt

I was hoping to have my One Block Wonder quilted by this post.

Almost done with the center so it shouldn't be too much longer.  It's garden harvest time at our house right now which takes away from quilting.  Today is tomato sauce and salsa day!  

Yesterday was apple pie, vegetable soup and bread bowl's.  I have never made a bread bowl before.  It was very fun.  If you click on this a new window will open with the recipe I used from chef in training.  I started following on Facebook and this recipe popped up one day.  

The next quilt to go on my longarm is a sampler quilt.  This one is also from the learning fiber arts group.  Quite a few members contributed to this, they would each tell how to make their favorite blocks.  Mine is very scrappy because I did it over a number of years with whatever fabric I had at the time.  I pulled it out a few nights ago because I knew I didn't quite have enough for a quilt yet.  I found I was only missing two.

I finished up those two blocks and had it strewn all over the floor when my son came home from work. I was trying to figure out how to tie it all together with the sashing.  Just could not figure out what color to use.  He looked at it and said, "Does it have to be one color?"  Light bulb moment for me!  Here is the result.  

Now for the corner blocks.  Julie suggested half square triangles for where the colors meet.  I think that will be perfect.  Any thoughts for the border?
Have a creative day


Debra Svedberg said...

That is so gorgeous, I want it!
As for the border, what's going to make it zing without taking away from the main part? Every block has triangles except the 9 patch.

Carol said...

Love the rainbow sashing. The advantage of a good fabric stash! (I'm guessing that you didn't have to go out and buy the sashing colors...) What a great quilt!