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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tangent Tuesday spillover

It was late when I finished sewing last night so thought I would post today instead. My fabric cutting with the cricut has been postponed until I can find a replacement blade. I decided that may be part of my problem so I went shopping. But, every store I went to was out of those blades. Hopefully next tuesday I can get back to that.

For those of you trying the bleach, from my last post, remember to use the bleach in a well ventilated area and/or wear a mask for your protection. Also we were using a product called anti-chlor to stop the bleach process. You can probably find some online somewhere. A local shop used to carry it here, but they closed.

On to Tuesday's Tangent. Have you tried making fabric paper yet? Everywhere I've gone on the internet lately someone is making fabric paper. I've been watching layer by layer, a DVD workshop with Beryl Taylor. I am such a fan of her work, so when I saw this workshop filmed on the set of Quilting Arts TV, I had to buy it. It is wonderful! She covers a lot of material in this hour long DVD. No I'm not getting paid for this. Just a fan. I found this on youtube, it shows an excerpt from the DVD.

I started by forcing my family to eat a bag of Reese's peanut butter cup candy. It was a sacrifice, but anything for art, right? The difficult part was getting them to unwrap carefully so the wrappers remained in tact. They did pretty good. I was impressed. The candy wrappers are what I wanted to use for my fabric paper.

Here is a beginning shot

This next shot shows some of my stitching

This morning I added some modeling paste, I'm not sure what I have is exactly the same as what she used, but I'm hopeful it will work.

Still have many layers to add, but I am having a lot of fun with this. The photo at the top is a paper napkin that I have just started to work on. Have a creative day.


Dotti said...

Nice job Janet! I was cleaning out my old cake decorating drawer the other day and came upon a pkg of colored foil candy wrappers....hmmmm. So, snif, no Reeses for me!

Stephanie84 said...

Hi Janet! I saw your webpage on The Quilt Show & was drawn to the fabric paper post so decided to add myself as one of your followers to learn more. Later this evening, I plan to check out more about the process. It sounds interesting.
Kiddos are waking up or I'd be able to see the links right now. lol