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Monday, March 15, 2010


It seems as though I haven't posted for a year. My computer is finally back. After replacing the hard drive three times they finally realized that wasn't the problem at all. I didn't need one hard drive let alone three. My computer didn't like the new versions of some of the programs I have. My husband bought updated versions of ilife etc for Christmas. After many conversations with Apple we have not been able to resolve this problem but my computer was returned with the older versions and it now runs. If anyone else has had these problems let me know how you resolved the issues. They worked fine for my daughter's laptop but not for my desktop. I am now about 3,000 emails behind, mostly adds from quilt related businesses. Time to take myself off a few lists I think. So, I have some computer clean-up to do.

I have two quilts in the jury process right now. They are both for Minnesota Quilter's Show in June as part of the SAQA Minnesota exhibit. Now I need to finish a quilt for Minnesota Contemporary Quilter's for their exhibit and possibly one for Minnesota Quilter's as well. People have been giving me tips on how to survive rejection of a juried quilt. I have to tell you, I don't really have trouble with being rejected. It means I tried! To me that is a big deal. I know I have read before how many times Edison failed before actually inventing the lightbulb, I can't remember offhand but it was to me a number far higher than I would ever go. I don't even consider a rejected art quilt a failure, it is still an art quilt. Art is subjective, we don't all like the same designs. So, I just need to look around and find another venue. Most famous quilt artist's have more rejection letters than acceptance letters, at least from the stories they tell. So, I have a long way to go before I am famous and can tell stories about all of my rejections.

I'm feeling somewhat like a hibernating bear today. It was very cold Saturday night when I went to bed. I got up for a couple of hours Sunday evening, but really slept until about noon today (Monday). It's a beautiful spring day. The snow is almost completely gone, and I am feeling much better. Very surreal!

Last Sunday I went to a little retreat for the afternoon with friends. I took my embellisher with me and worked on postcards. I needed to make some cards that look like fire. My inspiration photo is at the top of the page. For this challenge you make a piece that is 12" x 12" and cut it apart for 6 postcards. I used a piece of black felt for the background and embellished with bits of ribbon, sari silk, angelina film, wool fibers etc. Anything that looked like it would work with the colors from my inspiration photo. (I took this photo last summer when we had a bonfire in the back yard.)
Here it is cut into the six postcards. I added a little stitching at this point. I like the back too, that's the fun part with an embellisher you really get two versions. One is usually more subtle than the other. So here is the back of one with the stitching.

And here is the front with stitching.
I have them finished, just need to address them and get them in the mail. They aren't due until the end of May, so this is really good for me to be so far ahead. Just one more group to finish up for Postmark'd Art, it's an anything goes exchange with 9 more people. I also have a spring landscape exchange for the Valerie Hearder yahoo group. That one is only with three other people. I did start to make those on my embellisher too but decided I didn't like those. That group is next as they are due at the end of this month.
Lot's more to post about since I have been absent so much lately. But this post is too long already so I will leave you for now. Have a Creative Day everyone.

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