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Friday, March 26, 2010

Postcards and Cricut

I've been working on my next set of postcards and learning how to use my Cricut machine. I purchased a DVD from Above Rubies Studios called Cricut A to Z. Megan Gravener, the author, covers an amazing amount of information in the video which helped me learn how to use the Cricut much faster than I would have managed on my own. If you are a newbie like me I would highly recommend purchasing this DVD. There may be others like it out there but this is the only one I found and it does cover everything from A to Z.
I started with my 4 x 6 rectangles of brown fabric. I began my postcards by discharging a lattice type of design on my fabric. I used a bleach pen to create the design.
I thought it looked a little oriental when I finished so I used the Cricut Pagoda shapes cartridge to cut some oriental designs. I tried cutting them out of fabric but only managed to shred some pieces of cloth. I'll have to experiment more with that. I did cut some out of some other heavier white fiber. I was thinking I would paint them before applying them to the cloth background but I kind of like the starkness of the white against the lattice.
I managed to cut quite a few different things out of cardstock with the Cricut and even a piece of metal. I'm excited about learning to use this machine because I do have a scrapbook I wanted to put together for my son before he has his graduation party. So, I'd better get busy, he only has one term left.

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Megan said...

Thanks for posting! I am glad you liked it! :)

Karen said...

Janet, would it help to fuse the fabric to stabilizer or freezer paper first? I don't have a Cricut...just wondering. But it looks like lots of fun!!!