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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Emma's trees

The last couple of days I have been making Christmas trees. A member of the learningfiberarts yahoo group lost her daughter to cancer aproximately four years ago. At the time she found herself awake during the night often and needed to keep herself occupied. She found herself cutting squares of fabric, and more squares of fabric. She began making trees for everyone she knew. This year to honor our friend and her memory of her daughter our group is making Emma's trees. She said it will make her granddaughters proud to know their mom's trees are being made all over the world. I have one finished and three more that just need the backing.

I'm planning to decorate them with a star at the top and some simple ornaments and jingle bells. I plan to give one to my mom for her room in the nursing home. My daughter wanted one. I would like one and I'm still thinking about the fourth.

Tomorrow I need to make a Christmas stocking. I'm going to the Minnesota Quilters Christmas brunch this Saturday and they give stockings to children. I think it's a pretty simple pattern so it shouldn't take long. (I hope).

Sunday I hope to drive to visit my mom for their Christmas celebration. It depends on the weather. We are finally starting to look like winter here. It's been unseasonably warm, not that I'm complaining, but didn't seem like winter at all.

So, it will be Monday before I do any more creating. I plan to make my Christmas postcards on Monday. Here are a few of my Christmas decorations that are ancient now. I made the Christmas is Sharing quilt about 25 years ago. I made the snowmen about 8-9 years ago. My sister-in-law made the Santa. I need to get my decorations out tomorrow, I'm behind with that but I'm ahead on my shopping so I guess it all evens out!

Have a creative day!


Anonymous said...

I like the trees! They're adorable and a good reason to do them.


Anonymous said...

The trees are beautiful. Will you post pics when they're done? What a great way to remember and honor someone so well loved!


Debra Svedberg said...

Those trees are so sweet! And I have a similar snow-people set that a quilt friend in Idaho made for me.

Shirley said...

Janet - they are wonderful. I have made two and hopefully if things work out I can make a few more. Miriam
(Emma's Mom) is so pleased that Emma's trees are being made all over the world.

You do such lovely work. Love Shirley