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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sun Prints

My quilting friends traveled across the cities to my house for an adventure with sun printing. Only four out of the seven in our group were there but we still managed to make quite a few prints. Here are some pictures of what we did.

I kept the big leaf Judy brought with her, so I could try it today. I wanted to try without watering down the paint. The instructions we had looked at suggested using a mixture of half transparent Setacolor and half water.

I worked a little more on my leaf postcards. I used a bleach pen to try to create the white spots. Here is a photo of the actual leaf.

And here is a photo of my pounded leaves with bleached out spots.

I think it's getting closer.
Have a creative day. janet

1 comment:

Bridget473 said...

What beautiful pieces! Looks like you all had a fun time! :)