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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Recycled postcard

I finished my 14 recycled postcards. The yarn went from my mom, to my sister, to me so maybe they aren't exactly re-cycled if you want to be technical but it works for me. This is made with old yarn, old felt and thread. The fabric for the address side is new. Maybe if I do this again I will find an old shirt or something to use for the address side of the postcard. This is my first attempt at re-cycled art.

I'm having my quilting group over to my house this Sunday to do sun printing. (Hope it's a sunny day) If it isn't sunny we will find something to play with inside or I could put them to work on my patio. Who knows what kind of pattern we could all design with those paver blocks. So, today I'll make sure I have my materials gathered for our creative group. Here is an example of a sunprint I made in the past. This was just experimental, trying different objects to see how it worked.

My sister and husband are stopping on Saturday for a quick overnight visit. My daughter will be here Friday night to go to a benefit concert and stay overnight. Friday I am going to try to get my Split Rock Lighthouse into the Fine Arts competition at the State Fair. I've heard it's a lot of standing in lines. So, trying to get everything ready for the weekend today.

I also want to try to pick a design for my thread painted postcards. They are next on my to do list. Have a creative day.


Anonymous said...

Great ideas here. That split rock light house piece is awesome. Is that postcard sized too?

Janet Hartje said...

Thank you. Split Rock Lighthouse isn't a postcard with the frame it is about 19" x 25". If you look at the labels on the sidebar farther down there are about 8 that refer to Split Rock Lighthouse if you are interested. Wish me luck that it gets accepted.