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Thursday, August 27, 2009

First costume

I mentioned before that I have made quite a few costumes over the years. I'm hoping to get my photos organized this year. One of the scrapbooks I want to make is a Halloween book for each of my kids. I know not everyone likes this day but we all love dressing up as someone we aren't even if it is just for a day. So as I sort through my photos I will occasionally add a photo of a costume I made over the years. This is one of the first costumes I made. Not sure if it is actually the first. It was quite a few years ago. She loved watching Rainbow Brite and the Care Bears on tv. So, when she could actually be Rainbow Brite she was pretty excited. Here she is with her two friends, Brian and Joel. (Master's of the Universe and a bug.) They were all in the Aquafest Parade in Rice Lake, WI where we lived at the time. So, of course she wore this for Halloween that year.


Chris from NJ said...

Very cute, Janet. I made quite a few costumes for my daughter as she was growing up. It was sorta sad when she stopped dressing up for Halloween and I did not have to make anymore costumes.

Debra Svedberg said...

You made that Janet? WOWS!
Did you follow a pattern or make it up?

Suzan said...

She is adorable!

Bridget473 said...

And now I have the Rainbow Brite theme song stuck in my head! But it's totally worth it because I got to see that sweet costume! Adorable!

Stephanie Forsyth said...

First of all, the is an AWESOME costume, I LOVED Rainbow Brite :) And Secondly, wow you two look alike!! :)

Janet Hartje said...

Chris, I'm looking forward to making costumes for grandkids someday. Not too soon.
Deb, It was a pattern, I wish I was that clever.
Suzan, thanks!
Bridget I was humming the Care Bears to myself, along with Rainbow Brite.
Stephanie, we have been told a time or two we look alike. My son gets that too which is a little harder for him to hear.

Carol said...

Love the costume. Mine never got that ambitious :)