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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Forgot to mention in my last post, my Split Rock Lighthouse framed quilt didn't get accepted in the Fine Arts division of the State Fair. Luckily my husband was able to pick it up for me as I was out of state at the time.

I went to visit my mom in the hospital and ended up helping her get settled in an assisted care facility.

There is a show for rejected entries and my wonderful hubby managed to pick up the entry for that show. What he didn't know was it had a two day window to enter and I missed it by half a day!

Oh well, there is always next year for the rejected show! Who thought of that name? Now I will have to go to both shows to see what I am missing in my work. Have a creative day. Janet


Susan Loftin said...

Perhaps it just needed to be entered into a different category. Determining the correct category isn't always easy. I think your quilt is wonderful and I can't imagine it was rejected because of your work.

Stephanie Forsyth said...

Yeah, mine was framed and did not get accepted either. I was actually a little offended at an invitation to a "Rejected Pieces" show..couldn't they come up with nicer name?? And on top of it, they sent me an invite to go see the pieces that were accepted in a preview show, that I didn't get into! lol

Chris from NJ said...

Wow that is a surprise about the rejection. Sometimes it is hard to figure out what they are thinking and looking for.