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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I finished up some postcards. I completed my monochromatic postcards for the Valerie Hearder Landscape group. This one happened to be an international exchange as all five of us are from different countries. It is fun to get these little connections all around the world. Check out my postcards received as well since I am always adding to those. I just added 6 or 7 of the latest received cards. They should all be labeled now too. If you click on the slideshow of cards it will take you to my picasa site so you can look at the postcards in more detail. Here is my "Blazing Sunset." Remember you can click on the photos in my blog to get a larger image too.

I've also finished my leaves postcards for the Postmark'd Art group. I pounded leaves in the fabric. Discharged the spots with bleach. Couched a thread for the center vein, and did a tiny zig-zag stitch on the edge as the edge of the real leaf looked a little ruffled. I debated what to do with the white background because it seemed too plain to me. I decided to use another of those stitches on my machine that seldom gets used. Here is a photo of the original leaf and a photo of my postcard.

Now I need to make my tiara. I am doing Nancy Eha's challenge. I need to make a tiara for myself and come up with a name. Any suggestions for a name would be appreciated. For instance: "Duchess of Scattered Thoughts" as that is how I feel lately. It should be fun and she has great prizes offered. I also have three more sets of postcards to make. I need to re-create some bark, make some thread painted postcards, and an anything goes group. I've been looking for ideas for my thread painting. I have done a little thread painting but not a great deal so it won't be too elaborate but I think it will be fun. Have a creative day. janet

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Debra Svedberg said...

Great Janet! Aren't postcards fun?