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Monday, May 25, 2009

Subtle changes

OK, Maybe I am the only one who will see the changes I made, but I do like it better now.  I added more definition to the chin by increasing the shadows and adding a line of paint.  I made the hair smaller by 10%.  The old hair was just a little too big for the new face.  Now on to the rest of the quilt!  Have a creative day. Janet


Anonymous said...

Awesome job!!! I hope you add a lot of different colored threads in your hair. The face has so much definition now that the hair will be kind of plan without it. And, I completely agree about reducing the size of the hair. You really did an amazing job!!!

Bridget473 said...

Very nice! It looks great! Now is there any way you can come to my house and go through all my 80's photos and reduce MY hair by 10%? ;)

Shirley said...

It made a huge difference when you accented the chin and I like the hair too. It is always a good idea to
use more than one color in the hair. Even if you thread paint some strands in a lighter color?

I really like what you have done Janet.

Good job Shirley

Tennye said...

This is coming along very nicely. I like the difference the definition on the chin made. I also like the smaller hair. It makes the face seem more proportional.