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Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Quilts

I had to run out and take a photo of my crab apple trees yesterday.  The blossoms opened but it is so windy I was afraid they would blow off before anyone had a chance to see.  Wish they would hold on to the blooms a little longer.  Aren't they pretty!

Now that I have my long arm, I will need lot's of quilts for practicing and learning new stitching techniques.  Yesterday I received an order of fabric in the mail from Whittles.  I've never ordered from them before but the service was great and very fast.  Their prices are very good. Here is the fabric I ordered.

I sent for this with a specific pattern in mind.  I found this free pattern for a Block of the Month quite awhile ago.  I have this fear of making patterns like this and not being able to get the final block that I need.  I usually wait until I have all of the pattern before I begin. (Do you think there is a name for this phobia?)  There is still one more block to come out but I'm taking my chances that I will remember to get it off the site in time.  It is on the site Nancy Rink designs and is called building blocks.  Do you think my fabric will work?  Have a creative day everyone.  Janet


Carol said...

I like the fabrics. Looking forward to seeing how the quilt turns out.

Debra Svedberg said...

I think those fabrics are perfect! The next pattern comes out in June? That's only a few weeks away, are you afraid you're going to get the top done too fast??? :-)

Judy Alexander said...

Great fabric! I will have to check out this site. Thanks!